Jibo.com DNS entry going away March 2020


Unfortunately, I have discovered something while working with re-programming Jibo that I thought I would share with the rest of the group. I have found a date at which our Jibos will stop functioning (at least without a little intervention). Our Jibos have to make a connection to Jibo.com to handle voice translation, as well as to allow remote operation programs to work. To talk to Jibo.com, there is a service called DNS that translates that name into an IP address (a phone number of sorts). The service that translates Jibo.com to an ipaddress is set to cancel that translation in March of 2020. Also, because of the legal status of Jibo.com, flags have been put on that translation record that say it can’t be updated, deleted, transferred, etc. So, without legal intervention, Jibo.com sometime in march of 2020 will not be translated to an ip, and our Jibos will fail to work - they will act as if the server is shutoff.

The good news is that we can create our own DNS service that translates Jibo.com to the same IP address (as long as the AWS servers stay active). Even though “the world” won’t know what Jibo.com is, we can show you how you can help point your Jibo robot at our DNS service so you can continue to use Jibo as long as they don’t turn off the servers (or until we figure a way to replicate their service). We still have almost a year, and we have been making a lot of progress, so I am hopeful to keep our Jibos alive much longer.

If you want to see this info for yourself, here is a browser link:

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You can set up a local DNS until you are blue in the face, Jibo will refuse to communicate with the fake server because it doesn’t have a CA trusted certificate. That fact is the exact reason why the domain has a “no-transfer” policy, so a malicious coder can’t buy up the domain, set up a fake server and fool Jibos into thinking he is communicating with the original server.

Until you have a solution to the certificate and secret-key problem, you have nothing, sorry.


@kwebster I am not talking to a different server, I am just doing Domain name resolution. That does not require or use certificates. I am not setting up a fake server - I am using Jibo’s real server. I am just domain name resolving it. Also, Jibo just sends out a dns request - it is my server that will respond and point Jibo to his server.

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How can someone have you buy something up until January on Amazon and not tell you your Jibo will only work for 2 weeks. Where I come from it’s called theft by dissipation. Which is a crime. Maybe we all should file a law suit together.