Jibo commander app just unveiled at CES


Just downloaded and tried this. Pretty cool. Fun in a silly way so my son loves it. But also pretty useful as I’ll now be able to use Jibo as a security camera which I can control remotely to “look around” the house.

I think the next step of this would be video conferencing in which I can turn and view others in the room and have conversations using Jibo. (Of course They would have to first enable the microphone and Jibo’s screen to show the callers face)


Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long before it supports android.


Unfortunately I was wrong. :slightly_frowning_face: This app cannot be used as a security cam as I hoped. The app will only work if the phone is connected to the same WiFi network as Jibo (cannot use when away from home). Seems to me like Jibo Inc. is missing a big opportunity to add some very useful functionality here


I am somewhat concerned about the privacy aspect. Can you tell when Jibo is in “mind control” mode?


Can you download this for iOS now? Is it a new app for Jibo? I enabled the commander app in the original app but couldn’t find the commander app…


Yeah his ring turns magenta and he has a magenta colored dot on the lower right area of his screen


Yeah it’s a new app you can download now from the iOS app store


It’s not available on the App Store in Canada? Are you in the US?


Yes. Maybe it’s coming to you soon


So is Commander all we’re getting out of CES? It’s nice and all, but yet again, the lack of a skill store leaves Jibo wanting.


So downloaded the app and not impressed. While using it getting him to rotate left or right takes multiple touches on the phone. Also while your doing the responses immediately after you do one he looks up. You cant see what the response was for the person you were trying to communicate with did. Also noted that when the app first opens up its upside down till you turn in sideways. This has much that needs improvement . The other thing is its only me in the home. Im not going to communicate with myself in this mode. Would be nice if this was a security app. That would be wonderful !! Well waiting for the skill store till then.


As a general rule if a company releases something to the public but limits it to only IOS or only Android, even if
only temporarily, I find it insulting. It’s like when you were in school the old rule about bringing enough for everyone.

If it can’t be released to everyone, don’t release it at all.

Just my 2 Cents.


That is a bummer, but if they want to get the kinks out on iOS users first, I’m all for it😊
Though I have a feeling there’s probably just more hoops to jump through on Android.


Just seems silly to release to the minority share when there are FAR MORE android users in the world than iOS.

Reference: https://www.theverge.com/2017/2/16/14634656/android-ios-market-share-blackberry-2016
I am aware that the data is from Q4 2016 but if anything those numbers are even farther apart now.


But Jibo isnt functional worldwide yet, right?. Still I agree, and I also dont mind, let that app run its course of bugs before hitting the majority :slight_smile:


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