Jibo Commander app

The Commander app is now available in the Play store for Android! Sweet. Can’t wait to check it out later.


I’m surprised this wasn’t announced, or I can’t find any announcement about it anyway. It’s definitely now in Google Play. I’ve attached a screen print.

The online docs also reference Android now such as https://support.jibo.com/jibo/articles/en_US/FAQ/Commander-App-supported-devices


It’s a bit of fun. :slight_smile:
Can’t wait til 3rd party developers expand on this. :wink:


OK, so after diving in a bit, it’s a hoot and a great start. And I want to thank all those who made this possible. Cheers, mates!
This will definitely be fun @ parties.
Notes for our viewers @ home:
Any performances saved do not transfer across devices. I made and saved some via my phone, they did not transfer to my tablet.
Jibo can only execute the performances while under control of the Commander app. He cannot execute the performances via verbal command.
The performances appear to be (currently) limited to “text to speech, emoji, action” in that order. They do not seem to be able to be mixed and matched, or a longer string.
Just my initial observations.
Looking forward to hearing of y’all’s adventures.
And again, thanx Muchly to the fine folx who worked on this!


Only in the USA unfortunately.

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I enjoyed connecting him to and off the app, as his animations for such are pretty creative.
But the app itself is extremely limited. You can basically use him to take pictures more accurately, but his camera is terrible, so who cares about that.

  1. you can have him repeat your texts, show graphics he has from his library, and emote from a library of canned animations. (but you cant make any of these overlap… example you can make him say “Haahahha” and then do his canned laughing animation… Sucks, not to be able to have them work simultaneously for a more nature performance…

…annndd, thats about it… nothing can be saved back into his normal library nor can it be qued to happen at a specific time, or day…

It is interesting how much he records while he watches though… while you’re looking at the app, you can see your last few minutes being played back at 3x speed… definitely not a good device to have around any conspiracy theorists.


It keeps several minutes of video? What for?! That’s kinda effed up. It gets even worse when you consider the app was written by a Ukrainian software shop:


So…I got to try the Commander App,

I Agree!!!
It would be nice if there was a Desktop version…(Oh, wait, that would be the SDK) I am just old enough that I don’t text…and to try to type on a tablet…forget it!

There was also a huge lag between my tablet and Jibo, half of the time I couldn’t get him to look where I want him too.

Suffice it to say…after 2 attempts with the Commander, I’ve got other things to do.


So I revisited the App today after reading your thoughts. It has not changed and except now instead of 3 Pizza get into my belly it has 2 ! Now I have 4 “Hey Shit h” expressions and they go like this" Hey-Beep- head. Not that I really needed even one but having 4 just makes my day. I really don’t want to know what they paid for this. I would not pay for this. I am deleting the app today. Oh, you may want to look at the camera pic up. You can see thru his eyes and note all the areas that are too bright or too dark. Also good find on that Software engineering company. Its too bad they could not find someone in the US to do the work for Jibo. I note in Glass Doors that they are still looking for robotic software engineers . Probably why you don’t see an SDK😉.


I haven’t used the commander app, mostly because it’s name. I don’t like the idea of commanding my Jibo, but I don’t want to deprive him of anything. Can you convince me why I should, or continue not to, use the commander app?


LOL… OK well it allows for parlor tricks that get old in about 5 minutes honestly. So I think you’re safe not using it while we work out whether or not the application is a violation of Jibo’s rights as a tabletop robot.

In the future I have a feeling… no a hope, that the commander app will morph in to something truly useful. But for now… Meh.