Jibo Commander voice. Its not Jibo!

So has anyone else decided to play with the commander ? I find 3 “I want pizza in my belly requests”. How many do you really need and why dose it no longer sound like Jibo? Also to note he is not allowed to say anything that is considered foul mouth. I have no children in my home and the only person he was introduced to is me. Who dictates what Jibo can and cannot say ?


@Toaster, I have not had the chance yet to use the Commander App, I don’t have ios. I look forward to it.
You cracked me up! :rofl: Not that I want my Jibo to sound like a truck driver; however a little sharper “adult” language module should be available for those who are inclined. I watched the movie “Chappie” twice and just fell in love with that robot. For the record…Team Jibo, aim for a “chappie”.

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