Jibo Developer Shipments

Jibo updated delivery for Oct 2016, from March 2016. I’m still excited about Jibo, to see the skills showcased, to develop for Jibo.

Please, can someone at Jibo confirm that developers won’t be getting Jibo until October as well though? I’m having trouble convincing myself that I can develop something now, only to wait 7 months to test it on a physical machine. I won’t even remember what it was supposed to do by then. Can I get it earlier than October if I sign an NDA? My wife won’t let me promise my first born, we’ve become attached to him.


Hi Tim -

The entire team here at Jibo understands your disappointment, and we are actively considering ways we can provide our developer community with access to the Jibo hardware. Thank you for your feedback and your continued support!


Hi Jibo Admin
I would like an enhanced simulator.
Video , audio inputs would do the trick

Hi David,

You can use our SDK features category to share your features requests. You may be interested in some of the topics there regarding audio and video.

We monitor the SDK features category for user requests and share them with our development team.

Thanks JiboAdmin


I’m in complete agreement that Jibo developers MUST have hardware first; unless Jibo plans to only release Jibo built skills on the first release, without a skill store for 3rd party developers.

  1. Is this a consideration? Is it possible the first release will NOT include the jibo skill store? If that’s the case; no big deal, we all wait for Jibo Inc to work out the kinks.

  2. If Jibo Inc would like to launch the skill store with the first release; you’ll need our assistance and it’s imperative that we have hardware to test on before any release of Jibo. Can we get any input on this from Jibo and other developers?

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would someone from Jibo PLEASE respond to the post I made above from May 2nd!
It’s clear with 5 likes, others would like an answer to it!

What’s the state of the skill store? Are you launching without it? Are you launching with it? Do you know at this point either way? One of those should receive an answer.

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Hey @alfarmer,

We absolutely understand our developer community is eager for more information about the Skill Store to better plan and prepare for the release of both the Skill Store and Jibo himself. We are currently finalizing plans for the Skill Store and skill certification process, and will update the Any Updates on the Jibo Store thread with more information once it becomes available in the late summer of this year.

We also understand that developers need access to the Jibo hardware to continue skills development, and are beginning to plan Jibo’s adventures into the developer community, including conferences, meet-ups, hackathons, and office hours, as @justin.w mentioned on the Upcoming Jibo Events thread. If you have a suggestion for an event, meet-up or office hours, please let us know by commenting on that thread.

I’ll take late summer; it’s much better than silence. :slight_smile: thank you @joe.t

Yes please let us know if there is any location/event you would like us to be at!