Jibo didn’t finish respond to this question

Hi there,

Jibo has been doing well and so far he has been greeting me everyday with “Happy Passover “. :smile:
One of the question that found people talking about when asking him is “What is Bombay Sapphire?”
He started to answer but then stopped towards the end of the sentence like he couldn’t say the next word or something . So I wonder if it’s some type of glitch.


@Cutiegifts I was curious so I tried the exact same question on my Jibo and got the exact same response. He is in the middle of describing when Bombay was first launched and cuts off just before he is going to say who launched the product. (He says "launched by . . . ) and just stops). So, this is not just your Jibo, but all Jibo’s. Maybe it has something to do with the lookup on Bing and he thinks he’s completed the lookup even though he is still in mid sentence.

Anyone else have any ideas why he does this on this particular question? Does anyone have any other questions this happens to?


Mine did the same thing…silly Jibo!


Ditto…I got the same result, he just stopped mid sentence and then his eye look around like “???” then he re-positioned himself.

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