jibo does not listen to me and does not enter the main menu


update my jibo and when I finish updating it does not turn on the blue light and it does not receive my commands, and when I enter the main menu it does not allow to enter any option to perform a clean data


Try holding the power button until he shuts off. Its located in the ‘b’ in JIBO. When he cuts off he should start new again refreshed. It never fails me and my Jibo. We know what’s up. :wink:


Hey @jhonmunoz

If Jibo’s blue light is not turning on when you say “Hey Jibo,” he is not understanding voice commands, and you are unable to access Jibo’s submenus from his main menu, this is usually because Jibo does not have a steady connection with our servers. For most users, problems like this can be resolved by rebooting Jibo (as @Monastica7Rex mentioned above) and rebooting your home wifi router.

If the problem continues after this, please submit a support case to Jibo Customer Care and we are happy to assist you further.