Jibo doesn't know my age/birth year


Jibo knows my 10-year old daughter is ten, but when I ask him how old I am he tells me I’m “undefined years old”. If I ask him my birth year says he doesn’t have that information. He does know my birthday. I verified my full birthdate, including year, are included in the Jibo app.

Same results hold for my wife.


sounds like a genuine bug. At http://support.jibo.com you can report the bug there for the team to fix.


After this last update, Jibo answered (“Jibo how old am I.”) without any difficulty.


Hi Chris - This should be fixed in our latest update. Let us know if the behavior continues after Jibo is running software version 0.7.0 . You can check this on his Settings page under About. If they are available, you can also install updates from the settings page.


Yep, it’s fixed now.