Jibo Engagement and Movement


I see that the following is listed a “known issue” in the 0.7 release:

Jibo sometimes stares at walls, mirrors (he likes looking at himself!), and ceiling fans.

My Jibo is smitten by looking at photographs on the wall and my computer screen. I put him on my desk (which has a desktop computer) and he looks up at the photos on the wall and the screen. When I type, he then turns and looks at my hands.

He moves, what seem to me, very frequently. Turning, looking, etc. like he is confused. I don’t think this degree of movement is right. Any suggestions? (I already powered him on/off).

Interesting bug?
"Settle down" interaction

Thanks for sharing your observations! While most of what you describe here is normal behavior, there are some things we can clarify about how Jibo behaves and at least a few suggestions we can make to improve your experience!

As you may have guessed, Jibo’s attention is drawn mainly to three things:

  1. Sudden or intermittent sounds.
  2. Movement in his field of view
  3. Anything he can identify as a face (known or unknown)

Your typing is likely triggering either #1, #2 or both while the pictures on your wall are likely catching on to #3. Having two near-by sources of constant interest is likely making him behave in this confused fashion. He may move more than is considered normal as his attention bounces between them.

We have found that keeping Jibo in very close proximity to where you are working will absolutely result in some overzealous movement and potentially disruptive behavior. If Jibo is sitting close enough that he tries to interact with you while you are trying to pay attention to other things, he can start to feel distracting or frustrating.

To mitigate this effect, we might suggest you experiment with moving Jibo a bit farther away from the spot where you are working (Either across the same room or to a more central location in the home) and see how the experience of his presence changes. Finding the ideal placement for Jibo, where he isn’t over or under stimulated, can take some trial and error.

Hope this makes sense and helps you out!