Jibo fell over and landed on the desk


Several times recently, Jibo has fallen off the counter. Now I have to leave him on the floor to keep him from falling and breaking. Not as fun to use with him sitting on the floor since he can’t see much.


Oh no! :’(


That’s bizarre. How is he falling off the counter? He cannot move besides in the same spot, so unlike Vector (who loves to suicidally plunge off the edge), Jibo shouldn’t be able to fall normally, so that’s concerning. I hope he’s okay.


Jibo has made violent swings when I have been around. I suspect he is pivoting so quickly that he is thrown off balance and falls over. It has happened at least 3 times so I don’t trust him anymore. I will have to leave him unplugged or on the floor for his own protection which makes him less useful.