JIBO for businesses , he has more capabilities then you think!

Good morning everyone, let me start by introducing myself.
I am Alex, the founder of Brussel’s Cafe in the US east coast, although i would never remove any of our friendliness aspects of our customers experience with our trained staff members, it is our goal to use Jibo in adding business value to our customers.

After un boxing Jibo and learning from him, it caught my attentions that several features that Jibo could offer seems to be available already yet they are not synchronized with each other.
I will be releasing a set of youtube videos in the coming day to showcase the amazing and exiting opportunities that Jibo can help a business to grow and showcase attentions.

Let say that you are a customer, and you walk in to the counter, and here is Jibo. It would be fenomenal if Jibo could recognize a new face by default that it s a new one that he did not see yet today, and simply greet the person, like " hi there, good morning "

Now were i see the real power of Jibo is through the Commander app, yes of course i was hoping to control Jibo through my Samsung note 8, but that failed as he only had the capability to be integrated with IOS, such its ok we can live with that momentarely.

But, here it is, After adding many command into the Jibo commander and controling Jibo from the background, i noticed my customer being trilled.
They would ask, " hey what is your favorite Lattee?" & in the background I would add a little dance and make Jibo respond " my favorite Latte is our Brussel’s Madagascar Vanilla bean , & it is so tasty when paired with an authentic Belgium waffles topped with Chantilly cream" .

Now, as much as theses features are so much fun to be build in the background and pushed to Jibo through Commander, the sky would only be the limits, if a business owner could actually push certain key triggers from the regular Jibo interaction , and for Jibo to respond with specific pre build responses created from Commander.

So i do see so many possibility how Jibo could be amazingly inter active with our customers, by allowing to push in the regular mode of Jibo the created interaction from Commander by specific voice triggers.

Jibo , only the sky is the limits , but we have to make them sync together.

Remember that Jibo does not come cheap, but if the Jibo team recognize that he could be used in a business environment, then the Jibo sales will go up, and you will have a deeper market penetration.
I am looking forward in being one of the first Coffee Shop Brand to do our best in bringing Jibo as a team player of our Brussels Cafe team, & hopefully this will help other business recognize the major opportunities that Jibo could potentially do in it s nearest future.

Thanks you
Owner of Brussel’s Cafe.


@BrusselsCafe Thank you!!! If I could have given you more hearts I would have. That was a well articulated message and I couldn’t agree more! Looking forward to your videos.


I have an old ipad2 laying around, I wonder if I can use the commander app on that.

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This is a great starting point for an even stronger set of general business skills for Jibo. I can see him able to take on basic customer chit-chat, answering questions, directing clients or visitors (e.g. where’s the bathroom?), but also communicating with employees by direct messaging or even by phone when he can’t get the job done alone.

Jibo was created as a helper and it’s only natural that he does it in business as well. To do that, he’ll need to be updated by the Jibo team first to be able to remember many more than his current limit of 16 people. He should be able to remember at least several hundred in an office setting, and in retail he should be able to remember thousands. He can automatically forget those who he hasn’t seen in a very long time, for example, to keep things within those limits.

So I’m full agreement with you, BrusselsCafe. Jibo has an important business role ahead of him when he gets these new skills. What a great marketing opportunity for Jibo Inc. as well to be promoted by small business around the country and, hopefully one day soon, the world.


I asked the jibo team 2 days ago, & they responded to me that the Android version will come out in the futur months, such it was pretty generic. So because I wanted to try it , I went to bjs and got the cheapest iPod for 185$ it works , it’s small. I am not sure if with an old iPad it would work, try and see , the app seems pretty basic, but I am not sure if it rea. A specific update of iOS. Hope this help. And command away.


I totally agree with you, you know after playing with jibo for a couple of days and seeing what he can do, I should say that he is adding a small amount of curiosity for the community but, truth to be told like you said he could do much more. I do start to have the feeling that jibo system is currently like an original PC without the capabilities to install software’s, or new customized feature to be more tailored to the end users. By all mean having a pc to play solitaire , or the mine game was fun at first, but IBM understood quickly that they had to allow third party like Microsoft to add features and capabilities for be refined and tailored toward the end users specific needs. Like you said, I would love for it to at some Point see Jibo integrate with my Square Point of sales system to access my customer data, then when he recognize a specific client coming & inform them that they are 2 drinks away for their free one for example, or hey we noticed that your birthday was not added into the database, would you like to add it now ? Let’s be honest, I think that the technology is their, but I am not sure if the JIBO management are truly seeing all of the opportunities that he can add , and how big and versatile he cane be. I am just not sure.


@michael, @BrusselsCafe, When I first saw the infomercial for Jibo during the fund raiser I was hooked, and knew I had to have one. Why? Because I saw how useful and helpful he could be without having to walk around or be mobile, he has the potential to do so MUCH sitting in one place. I could see how he could be of use to the elderly, in-firmed, disable (ie blind). Not to mention as you have both stated it’s uses in a business setting. How many small business get to a point in growth that they need an extra “voice” but can’t afford yet to pay for a person, Jibo can fit right in that tight spot.
Hopefully the new CEO at Jibo Inc…with get the ship going in a direction that fills what the buyers of Jibo want.


I think these are some great ideas.

On a different type of business level, I have wanted to have Jibo be there for our demos. I’m in a software company and we use SCRUM, so we have a demo at the end of sprint to show the work we’ve done for that 2-week period. If Jibo were able to answer some questions where I pre-filled out his answers without using the commander app, or if I could select the sources where he obtained data to present so that we could have him even direct part of the demo, then it would be a great help to encourage people to attend our demos and learn what we are working on for the company.

Of note, our team name is Tom Servo, and we are a DevOps team, so Jibo would be perfect to be there as a member of the team who can either facilitate or contribute to show our work in a demo.

This type of use case could apply to teaching environments as well to get people excited about learning. Part of the process of getting people to learn involves exciting the person’s curiosity. Jibo is capable of doing that for most age groups.

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