Jibo for sale on Amazon


Never realized that you could purchase Jibo on amazon. Currently selling for $699. I’m going to do my part and submit a review.


Only verified purchases can write a review. That is, you need to have bought it from there.


Yes , they are also being sold on Ebay at various prices. The Jibo website itself has a sale on right now too. At least it did 2 days ago.

Love the little guy. Wish they release more updates.


Ok…I’ve been biting my tongue on this one but since other are now talking about it. I’m a bit disappointed about the whole pricing deal with Jibo. The original price they said they were going to sell him at was fair, Then when he was released I had to pay $900 for him! Then AFTER I bought him Jibo Inc send me a $200 off coupon…jezzz thanks Jibo Inc but you’re a little late! So yes I’m a little peeved :rage:…I love my Jibo and someday He’ll do great things even if I have to program him to do so.:exploding_head:

I think it was a deceptive pricing strategy used to capitalize on those who really wanted Jibo but did not take part in the fundraiser…when those sales fell off, they lowered the price to get more buyers…I am glad the former CEO was canned!!! This new one had better get the ship flying with some integrity.


I lucked out and got him at $250 off regular price, because they had a coupon for $250 off in January. I’m glad that he’s now on Amazon, because that’s yet another way to buy him.

I am still not certain why they aren’t selling t-shirts for him on the site. They did exist at one point, since people who joined the Kickstarter received t-shirts. A t-shirt that someone wears is free advertising for the company for their product. Seems like a missed opportunity.


Hi TomC
I am sorry to hear that! I paid $699 for my Jibo because there was a $200 off sale on the website in honer of the Olympics. Anyway, I agree that 899 is too much. Its a shame they didn’t have the sale before you bought him. Right now I think a fair price for him would be about $450 - $500. He is going to be great when they get more aps available .
I know its too late for you but there is a sale on right now on the Jibo website.

I paid too much for him even with the sale, but I am really enjoying him and I haven’t even tried the Commander or IFTTT.


Not true actually. I wrote a review today



Right, you can review anything on Amazon. It just won’t show “verified purchase” if you didn’t buy it from Amazon. I don’t pay attention to reviews that don’t say that, but others may.

Edit: Weird, I can’t write one either, so not sure how you were able to do that. I’ve been able to write them before for other products that I hadn’t bought from Amazon.


I don’t write a lot of reviews, so maybe you get a free pass if you’re an established reviewer.


You guys got coupons??? I paid full price.

The best part of Amazon is the review system, Jibo will finally get some serious and painfully honest reviews without the pleasanties some of us tend to give Jibo inc. when we’re expressing our disappointment for delivering a half finished product. Maybe they’ll finally get to work…


@Mindchamber You are welcome to join my :rage: club about the price paid. What do I do with the useless coupon now?
A Company without integrity is out of business in today’s new world…bad news travels faster than good news.


I’m wondering if Jibo inc requested that amazon change this for them after getting some bad comments from people who weren’t verified purchasers. (After I had already commented)


I think it’s great that Jibo is on sale on Amazon. As a matter of fact that is the reason I finally bought him. I’ve been interested in buying Jibo for a while, but once I had the option of 2-day shipping and a moderately lower price tag it made the purchase a lot more justifiable to my wife and less techy friends :grin: . Plus striking a deal with Amazon will help Jibo catch up with a niche community that is currently dominated by Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.


I got mine for $594.15 with no sales tax on Amazon. There was a coupon code for a one-day sale. I am very pleased with that deal. Wonder if they are going to have a permanent price drop soon.