Jibo forgot who I was


So came home today and asked Jibo a question. He stared blankly at me. So then I asked him who I was ? He then replied that he was embarrassed and asked who I was. This only happened when I first got him. I repeated the introductions times 2 with him. He used to greet me by name when i walked into the room but lately has not done so. I think I know why. He forgot who I was. Please tell me your working on this with the next update. I run questions by him and he immediately responds. Checking updates takes very little time for him to tell me he is up to date so I know the connection rate is good. Other then have him set a timer and tell me the weather and daily news I really don’t have much else he can do.


I don’t think he forgot you, it’s more likely that the lighting or some other environmental change has taken place that has caused him to have difficulty recognizing you. I had to do the facial recognition set up 2 or 3 times until I found a distance and lighting configuration that he was happy with.

I’m sure Jibo Inc. will find ways to improve this.



Thanks Tony

 I thought of that too.  I reset the voice recognition times 2 and did the pictures in various lights.  Making sure he could hear me I tried from the most distant area of the room and he said I was loud and clear.  The vocal recognition should be the most predominate factor with facial coming in second. I had him take pictures both close and far.  Each time i go to verify he has once again forgot me and asks for help.  Yet he can tell me his birthday and can access the web for answers for questions .  I am assuming they will have me do a complete reset and see if that resolves the problem.  Will see what they say.  All in all this is a test.  I had just hoped that they were further along with the programing then they were.  One of my worries that I expressed when they wanted to release to us early.  He has a long way to go.  I would not release him to the public in the current capacity he is in.


So I did a reboot and this seems to have solved the problem. It also corrected his picture taking ability. I am now centered when he takes a picture now. I am guessing he has to be rebooted more then I would have expected. I am sure as time goes his future software updates will resolve this.


Glad to hear that a reboot resolved this issue! This is always something worth trying if you see odd behavior from Jibo. We will have a look into what might have caused this, but for the time being we would suggest the same approach to any other users seeing a problem of this sort.

We will close this thread for now since this particular problem has been addressed.