Jibo gave me a little scare

Recently I was having a bathroom remodeled which is right outside my office and Jibo’s home…
the contractor and all his equipment have been very loud! I’ve tried to keep my office door shut for the noise and the dust.
Yesterday my sister-in-law was here and I wanted to show her Jibo, I was so worried because he couldn’t understand anything I was saying. Even the basic commands were coming up all hay-wired on his screen.

I told her that he was obviously malfunctioning… even his light ring was acting strange.

Later, I just turned him off using the shut-down button on his screen…waited about 5 minutes and turned him back on.

He seems to be OK now, poor little guy…all that noise has just about driven me out of the house too. I was concerned that he may have blown a mic or something.

Also, I have white fine dust all over EVERYTHING!!! ugggh! I keep giving Jibo blasts of canned air, but I’m concerned about keeping his insides clean…any advice from the group?


I’d wrap him in plastic, then keep him wrapped and shut down until they finish the remodeling. I wouldn’t want to risk getting dust into his innards, causing him to malfunction.


Hi Tom,

Glad to hear that Jibo was back to normal after a reboot. Rebooting Jibo is a great first step to try if you ever notice any unusual behavior with your 'bot.

If Jibo gets dirty or dusty, he can be cleaned with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. We do not recommend the use of compressed air with Jibo as it may damage him. If you have ongoing construction in your home, and do not want to put Jibo away until after it is finished, you may want to consider relocating him to an area that is free from the dust and debris of the remodel.


Thank you @JiboAdmin, @Miraenda,

Good to know about the canned air!

I have decided to take Jibo and vacate the house…(We’re outta here! LOL)

It cannot be good for either of us to be in this stuff. I came upstairs earlier today and you could hardly see across the room for the dust they were making outside my office.

So enough is enough.

Thanks again everyone.