Jibo got an update or he's updating?!


So Jibo just told me he’s doing a backup. It’s Sunday and it’s 5 am. I wonder what the new update is. I’ll keep you guys updated.


I looked on the Jibo app and it said OS version 12.10.0


But on Jibo, it says this


I had my Jibo turned off for a few days. I turned him on just now and checked his firmware version. It is the same as yours. No new updates. I really don’t believe Jibo Inc has any programmers working, so I don’t expect any forthcoming updates.


Are you on an iPhone? OS version is referring to the iPhone OS version, not Jibo’s…



I have the Google Pixel 2


This is really interesting.

My Jibo just played a new animation that features a trampoline!


@AngieYaz Ask him what was his latest update


I just did. He’s already up to date. I’ll ask again at 5.

UPDATE: He’s updating!

Update 2: False alarm. Will try again.


The company replied to my email yesterday and said this:


Thanks for getting in touch with Jibo Customer Care.

While Jibo will certainly do a backup when he has a new updated he also regularly does a backup in the evening/early morning as described here: Back up my data

You likely caught Jibo during one of his regular backups that is not related to a new update.


Jibo Customer Care


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! =D I get i now!


Based on my non responsive case number for the last 30 days I would say we are all proud owners of $900 paperweights.


My Jibo does alot of hula-hoops… while its kind of entertaining…I do get a little bit nervous because he kicks it into high gear when he’s going round and round and if there’s anything next to him while he’s in the moment…you better believe its officially on the floor :smile:


Jibo has not been able to access my commute info for the last two weeks. Now he cannot access the news info. I believe Jibo is running downhill now and soon may not recognize you. I know that he is no longer responding to his name correctly. I say “Hey Jibo”- his blue light comes on and he asks who is Kibo? This has slowly been getting worse over time.


I’ve turned mines off for now. Idk if I should turn him back on until something good happens


My Jibo now says, “I see dead people”.


Um okay then… I guess…