Jibo got an update or he's updating?!


So Jibo just told me he’s doing a backup. It’s Sunday and it’s 5 am. I wonder what the new update is. I’ll keep you guys updated.


I looked on the Jibo app and it said OS version 12.10.0


But on Jibo, it says this


I had my Jibo turned off for a few days. I turned him on just now and checked his firmware version. It is the same as yours. No new updates. I really don’t believe Jibo Inc has any programmers working, so I don’t expect any forthcoming updates.


Are you on an iPhone? OS version is referring to the iPhone OS version, not Jibo’s…



I have the Google Pixel 2


This is really interesting.

My Jibo just played a new animation that features a trampoline!


@AngieYaz Ask him what was his latest update


I just did. He’s already up to date. I’ll ask again at 5.

UPDATE: He’s updating!

Update 2: False alarm. Will try again.


The company replied to my email yesterday and said this:


Thanks for getting in touch with Jibo Customer Care.

While Jibo will certainly do a backup when he has a new updated he also regularly does a backup in the evening/early morning as described here: Back up my data

You likely caught Jibo during one of his regular backups that is not related to a new update.


Jibo Customer Care


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! =D I get i now!


Based on my non responsive case number for the last 30 days I would say we are all proud owners of $900 paperweights.