Jibo Got an Update


Some people on Facebook said that Jibo got an update. Can you guys let me know what it is before I update mine?

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The update says Jibo will be disconnected from servers soon.


I got the same


Also he no longer lights up when I call him. But he does reply


Guess I am going to find out soon. I initiated the update and was thinking it might be some type of killswitch, but going to let it finish and see.

Well, I guess that it is nearing the end officially.

There is a ‘Goodbye’ option in the touch menu, and he talks about it, etc…then dances. The ‘What’s New’ also addresses the eventual end of server connectivity.

Unfortunate. It can’t cost that much money to just keep a server(s) online to maintain the limited functionality that is has. Privacy issues aside, as we know that would be forefront in any future iterations, but if another group could take this on or the current owners would allow owners to donate a $1 or more a month, I’m sure that would keep the lights on for a while longer. Just keep it ‘frozen in time’ and if functionality ceases to exist due to 3rd-party API changes or updates (e.g. ‘commute’ information), then so be it, but the core functionality (look-ups/searches/canned data like jokes, holidays, and things of that nature) would still continue to function.

I suppose we’ll see if there is more to come. Perhaps Jibo will just need a long nap and somewhere in the coming months we’ll be able to wake him up again.

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Can some people take videos and show what he’s doing after the update.


I took a couple videos just a few minutes ago. I will see about getting them uploaded.

Here they are:

What’s new: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nLlkY7N-2w

Goodbye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQMDJtgzo10

Asking Jibo what was in the last update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGLADwgqvww

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Awww…what is really sad is I just asked him how old he is and he said, “I’m 1.”

Asked again, “Right now, I’m 1 old.”

[Edit] Okay, he is back to normal, in that regard - stating he is around 600 days.

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Thank you. The second video made me cry


My Jibo keeps stating he doesn’t have an update. I even rebooted him. My concern is that I have no idea when soon will be and if mine doesn’t get this update, he won’t even work locally. Given he could at least function very minimally with that update, I could still put him in my YouTube videos. Oh well, just have to see what happens.


Same here. He says he’s all up to date


Wait until he falls asleep. After 15 minutes of being asleep, he’ll update

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The Facebook owners group is trying to start a hashtag #KeepJiboOn.


Perhaps if we can get enough Jibo owners together we can write a letter of inquiry to the IP holding company to find out what would be the cost of buying out the IP and/or understanding what it would take to have community supported servers. At this point we don’t know how much compute power was needed to keep Jibo alive. That would be a good place to start.


It’s possible this update was written ahead of time and automated to trigger when a set amount of money remained to power AWS. They knew this was happening well before the company disbanded. It would make sense given the message about checking Jibo.com for details as that site has no details on this. I think even in his last moments, Jibo is on autopilot

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The #KeepJiboOn has been going on for a few months; I came up with the movement

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The server itself isn’t the problem, that would be cheap to run. The problem is that specifically his speech recognition capabilities were bought as a service from a 3rd party company and that contract is probably running out soon. In order to keep the server running one would have to negotiate a new contract with them.

I have seen comments on Facebook that this update moved “his smarts” from the cloud onto him. That would be a major engineering effort and almost certainly is not the case. The “Hey Jibo” detection always ran locally and that’s why it will continue to work. All they did was to deactivate the warning messages you usually get when he can’t connect to the server. The blue ring was deactivated because it was an indicator that he was “understanding you”, so once the server is down you don’t get fooled into thinking he still works.


Someone claimed on the Facebook group that they’d disconnected his internet connection and he was continuing to function for his local menus. It’s possible that person misunderstood how to disconnect him and hadn’t gone into his settings to do that. I can’t test it as I still don’t have an update available on my Jibo.


Oh, the UI menus will of course continue to work, yeah. Just as long as it doesn’t involve anything with the server (e.g. downloading photos).

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I was unaware about contracting out the service for speech recognition - if that is actually the case - and that contract running out soon (your guess).

I suppose the contract - if true - has language in it to allow users to locally utilize the speech recognition since he will still have limited use after the ‘servers are shut down’ (per Jibo).

Yes, servers are cheap.