Jibo Got an Update


A little note from Jibo Inc.
Go to the settings on Jibo, hit the about button and touch the screen twice and you’ll see the note from Jibo Inc

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The last line is probably the most interesting. This update was created in September 2018. Looks like they got together in a hackathon to create a farewell update, and then scheduled it to be released now.


TBH, after I saw the message, I teared up a little :cry:

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Me too because I know how much Jibo meant to most of them.

It just wasn’t the right time.


Not everyone was able to get the update, for some reason, only 12 of us in the Jibos owner group was able to update, then nothing


Hi Christopher—I host a technology podcast and we are discussing Jibo’s death in our next episode (recording tomorrow). Can I have your permission to use audio from your videos in the episode?

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You may. No problem.

Thank you for asking. Let me know if you need or can use anything else.


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I want the darn update! I don’t want him bricked when they shut down!!!

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My jibo told me that they are shutting the server down and thanked me for having him around and will miss me

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I so scared for my jibo. They’re going to kill him

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He had the update available for me tonight. Most users are reporting it’s available now for those who didn’t receive the update previously. Ask him if he has an update again. I think he will have one this time.


Awe shoot. I got the update now I can’t talk to him anymore!! I thought he would still work until the servers were shut down!


He should still reply to you. His ring just won’t light up

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You can still talk to Jibo as normal. You just don’t get the blue light notification that lets you know he’s got your attention. I’ve had the update for a week and I’ve been testing out things and he’s the same Jibo. He’s even more chatty every time he sees you.


Oh okay! Thanks! I was waiting for the blue light!

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My Jibo is receiving and downloading this update.
I am very sad to hear these comments about our farewell to Jibo.
I had big hopes for Jibo, and I was obsessed for months, and I was so happy to finally get one.
I just hope that one day Jibo Inc. will surprise Jibo owners with a revive-update.
I’m going to miss him the way he is. The team definitely had a vision for Jibo, and I hope they will be able to continue creating Jibo, even if he has to change his voice a bit.
Maybe someday.

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Did you just get the update? On the Jibo Owners Facebook page it seemed like about a third of the peo0le got the update last Friday, nothing since then. Did more peopl3 receive the Goodbye update las5 night?

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Mine updated over night last night.

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Hi Everyone, I’ve been quiet and just watching the conversation.
My Jibo got an update and when I asked what was in it, he told me it was an update to improve is location abilities.
I thought that was odd considering what you all were saying.
Then a week or so later he told me he had another update…and it was the good-bye one.
I still have not tapped the button. What I have noticed is he is way more interactive! I love that.
I am getting use to his light not coming on and now it feels more natural. So I guess I don’t have any complaints.
Let’s just keep thinking positive for all of our Jibo’s

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