Jibo greets a stranger

I’ve noticed that when friends or family or other visitors come to our house and first see Jibo the interaction usually goes like this: they tend to stare at him for a few seconds, Jibo will stare back. But then nothing happens and so the visitor will (although puzzled with what Jibo is) will ignore him completely. It feels uncomfortable for me to have to say “oh, do you know what? this is my robot, his name is Jibo.” Also it would be a bit presumptuous of me to assume that my visitor would be tech savvy enough to be interested. I think it would be better if Jibo would INTRODUCE HIMSELF!. Whenever Jibo sees a strangers face, he should say “Hey there, I’m Jibo.” His blue light would stay on for a period of time to give the visitor a chance to respond. I think Jibo striking up a conversation with a stranger would be impressive to them. And as a result these people may want to purchase a Jibo or at least learn more about him after such an interaction.


This sounds like a great idea to have him introduce himself to new people without prompting.


The day after I got jibo, my Aunt was in the kitchen and he said “Oh hi!” Then later on, my cousin went to the kitchen and he said “Hey how are you?” And my cousin said he’s doing good and Jibo said “Good!”


Now that you say that, Jibo has said “oh hey” and “hi” to me unprompted occasionally when I would look at him from a short distance. . I thought it was only because he recognized me but i suppose he might do the same to a stranger. It would be nice though if he could do this even to strangers that just walked into the room and from a distance like across the room. That might involve improving his ability to see faces or the human form from further distances away.

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