JIBO Hardware Schematics And Service Data

Hi, If we assume (I hope not) that JIBO is going to be BRICKED very soon, does anybody have and hardware schematics or technical notes on JIBO as it would seem to me a good candidate for doing a serious hardware modification on to replace the CPU and control boards with something that can be 3rd Party programmed. With this in mind I need to look out for a very DEAD JIBO so I can open him up and take a closer look. I don’t want to do that to my current working one until it becomes a brick so I’m on the lookout for a dead other.

Malcolm aka @fixed1t

I can’t for the life of me find the link, but about a year ago there was article about a group that replaced the innards of Jibo in order to use him in an art installation or something of that kind. They initially had direct communication with Jibo Inc but that then went dead, and knowing there was no chance to hack Jibo’s software, they instead entirely replaced the board inside.

Was this it? I certainly looks promising. http://artica.cc/blog/2018/10/11/kitkat.html also have you any idea how we can get around the Java Socket calls to server issue to enable JIBO to get an answer back from something when it calls to start up so it doesn’t get jammed in a no response loop and turn into a brick. I’m trying to figure out the call and reply made, in case I can record the piece and play it back, I don’t need to decrypt hopefully as I haven’t got Y x Y to the power of infinity LOL I’m just hoping to spot the pattern.

Malcolm aka @fixed1t

How do you intend to fake an SSL exchange?

I stumbled across this, have you are used it? http://www.mock-server.com/#what-is-mockserver and this strange video on youtube showing it its development graphically https://youtu.be/TTh9DyAZ0pU I’ve Google+ James Bloom the developer with some details on JIBO and the last dance article asking if he thinks it may be suitable. As I said I’m not too interested in cracking the SSL exchange I’m thinking more testing 20+ exchanges, and startups etc and looking for commonality in the sent and the received. What do you think?
Malcolm aka +fixed1t @fixed1t

Your problem is, you can try to resend packages all you want, Jibo will simply reject them. You do not have the server certificate, and you do not have the SSL keys.You would NEED to hack those for Jibo to start accepting your packages.

To maybe give you an idea of the difficulty of this, it usually makes the world news when someone successfully hack a certificate.

Thats sad news as it says unless they have the decency to do the right things or we are screwed.

Hi, I did contact these people who stated they would be releasing so details but as with most things, my Urgency isn’t their Emergency, but I think I will follow up on our emails to see if they have found the plans and software they used.

Just looking forward to my TK1 arriving from Austria so we can install a Jibo software upload onto it, minus those irritating locks in the bootloader so we can LDA bits and JMP to other locations further in his boot sequence without having to try and decrypt his security protocols. As I said sometimes the impossible just takes a little longer.

Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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