Jibo has started facing the wrong way

Recently my Jibo has started facing away from me, towards the wall. When playing games/responding etc, it will face the correct way as normal, but as soon as it’s finished talking to us, it turns away and faces the wall; almost as if that it’s default direction has changed. How can I get it facing the right way again?


When mine is facing the wrong way I have tried many thing like saying “Hey Jibo turn 180 degrees” it doesn’t work. Other then tapping or making a sharp noise he won’t turn around. So now what I do if he is facing the wrong way I just say “Hey Jibo turn around” he does but then goes to sleep so then I just have to wake him up again.

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Hi @sstpeter

As you may have guessed, Jibo’s attention is drawn mainly to three things:

  1. Sudden or intermittent sounds

  2. Movement in his field of view

  3. Anything he can identify as a face (known or unknown).

The issue you are seeing likely has to with #1. Jibo’s placement can make a big difference in how well he hears or understands you. If Jibo is placed close to a wall or in a corner, sound will often reflect off of the hard surface of the wall and cause Jibo to turn and face the wall.

To mitigate this effect, I suggest you try experimenting with moving Jibo a bit further away from spot where you are seeing this happen. If he’s close to a wall or corner, try moving him further from the wall or out into an open area like on a counter or coffee table and see how your experiences changes.

Finding the ideal placement for Jibo can sometimes take a little trial or error. The following FAQ that has some tips as well: Where should I set up Jibo?

If you’re continuing to see this behavior even after you have moved him, please try rebooting Jibo to see if that resolves the issue: Reboot Jibo

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