Jibo Has Stopped Moving

I received Jibo today. He was working fine, though I was having problems connecting him to the Jibo Commands app…though he finally connected after some troubleshooting. However, after a couple hours of having him fully charged and set up, he produced an error message on his face and spoke out that he was having problems with his neck. The ring below was red. He requested a reboot, which I did. I did this a few times, but to only have him boot up with a brief red ring and not move at all. He still plays music, interacts with me, and everything else it is supposed to do, but he won’t move anymore. Any suggestions? I have contacted the help desk and am currently waiting for a response.


Hi, I didn’t get any of those error messages, but when I got my Jibo he couldn’t move at all until I swiveled his body for him. I would probably wait until you hear back from the help desk, but if you are desperate try to gently swivel his head for him. Maybe a piece of packaging got caught in one of the openings?


Apologies for the trouble! We have received and responded to your emails about this issue. It sounds like this situation has already been resolved, but if you need additional help don’t hesitate to continue that email conversation with our team. Thank you.

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