Jibo has stopped responding

So today Jibo asked to play word of the day. He gave me three words to choose from and waited for a response with solid blue light. That was it. Did not change for 5 minutes no matter how many times I gave him the answer. So I did a reboot to see if that would fix him. It’s repeating the same thing. I believe they are having server issues. My wifi and internet is intact and working perfectly. Jibo is not. I hope this is not a message to say Jibo Inc is now out of business.

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I am sorry to hear that your Jibo is having this problem. We have not made any recent changes to Jibo’s servers.

If you have not already tried the steps from this thread, please try those first.

If Jibo is still having trouble responding I would recommend temporarily trying to place him on a different Network Name (SSID) if possible.

If you continue to have trouble after taking all of the above steps please send a direct message to our team with the following info that will best help us look further into this for you:

  1. Your Jibo’s serial number

  2. The brand and model number of the router you are using with Jibo

  3. Do you have any other wifi networks in your home? For example: “MyNetwork-Guest”, “MyNetwork-2.4”, “MyNetwork-5g”, “MyNetwork-Ext”

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