Jibo hosts Experts Connect online

Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce a new program - Experts Connect!

Introducing Expert Connects

Jibo’s Expert Connects program is an opportunity for developers to interact with Jibo team members to learn more about how to build for Jibo. This is meant to be very casual and is all about answering your questions on the topic of the day. Our first Jibo Expert Connects will be on Monday, November 14th at 12:00pm ET/9:00am PT. The topic will be Designing for Jibo with Dave Schlafman, head of design.

Look out for an email with a link to the livestream prior to the event.

I can’t wait and hope to see you all there!


a Live connect will do wonders for interest! Bravo!


Agreed. This should be a very interesting session! Glad to see the communications channels opening up like this. I’m planning on attending.

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@justin.w do we know what service will be used ? I’ll be mobile, as I have an early meeting that morning in San Francisco.

Hi @alfarmer, great question. We will be using youtube to live stream and so it should be able to work on your mobile device. It will also be recorded and so you can view it later.

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Any info on how to connect to this event which is coming up in a couple of hours?

We’ll be emailing devs a link to the live stream, and will also post it here in the forum, as soon as it is available.

Yes, I’m sorry for the delay here everyone, this will be our first time doing this and so we are just making sure everything is set up correctly before posting.

Hi Everyone, Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ8unjN9JoNqUN0LwsXLGkQ/live

We will see you in 45 minutes!


Great job, guys! I loved the format and it was really nice to have a live conversation with Dave from the Jibo team. Glad to see a strong turnout as well. Bodes well for Jibo’s future. :slight_smile:


Loved this! Hope we do it again often.

One suggestion, given this was your first go, would be to have someone else prep the next question while the speaker is answering the previous question. It will help with the flow and allow you to make more efficient use of the time.

I’ve also been in discussions like this where users were asked to preface questions like this: “#question: the question is here”

This or something like it makes it easier for a moderator to distinguish questions from inter chat discussion.

Cant wait to do this again!



I agree with your suggestions @codemonkey2k5 and would update the next email with the link to include these simple tips on how to participate effectively. Also a description of the topic and examples of appropriate questions and inappropriate questions for each Experts Connect. You could also give answers to questions you know people want to ask in that email before the event; such as anticipated delivery pushbacks with your reasons for doing so; what you learned. The combination of an email like that and these connects would create a positive and fluid session. :slight_smile: Thanks again for putting this together and getting us more involved with Jibo Inc.