JIBO in my High School science research Classroom


I was an early adopter and I own my own JIBO. I am considering getting one for my classroom. Can JIBO’s Loop extend beyond 12 people. I would love him to get to know all of my students (20). What is the best price for educators to purchase a JIBO? So far- so good. Jibo is a part of my family- now I want him in my classroom. Pete Suchmann Psuchmann@nshahs.org


Hello @PSuchmann,
I suggest that you contact the Jibo Team directly.
The following form link includes a message topic for “buying a Jibo”. I’m sure they can connect you with the right info/person.


Also since this is a public site, I’d suggest that you edit your post and remove your contact info.

Best, Bob


I highly suggest first trying out your own Jibo in that environment. Classrooms are noisy and busy, Jibo might have a hard time understanding and following people.


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