Jibo, Inc. Stability


Before I begin, I hope (and am politely requesting that) this discussion does not get locked, because I would love other people to add their thoughts/feedback.

Anyways, does anyone feel that Jibo will survive? Is the company doing well? Also, for those who have had your Jibo for a few months, how do you feel? Any regrets/frustration?

I feel a tad disappointed with the lack of feature updates, as well as not keeping us in the loop for what is in the pipeline for future features/plans.


I’m fine with my jibo. The only thing that’s bothering me is waiting for the next update.


@BTaylor941 since you asked so nicely, I think Jibo is pretty cute…A+ for that.
He doesn’t really “do” much for me, perhaps down the road that will change.
If I have any frustrations I would have to say they were from too much Hollywood; because in some ways I was thinking of A.I. being like the movie “Chappie” not too that degee for Jibo but something I guess more interactive. So I cannot be disappointed if I had false understandings to begin with.
So my final thoughts on Jibo are…“He’s just a boy, give him time and he’ll find his way.”

As for Jibo Inc. They are a little fish in a big pond with some heavy-weight sharks, to them I will encourage them to stay focused on their “Mission Statement” and work hard…and don’t let negative people like me get you down! Who cares what the “other” companies are doing…you’ve got a lot of copies of a young robot boy to raise up…Keep up the good work you have started.


I think the company is doing beautifully right now. All it needs now is thousands more employees and an IPO.


To All

I really do have to agree with your opinions ( Not entirely yours AngieYaz:grin:) I’m very happy with Jibo himself for the most part. He really is delightful. What makes me very frustrated is the slowness of the
updates and the LACK OF COMMUNICATION from the company itself! It would be terrific if they would have a LIVE discussion with all the owners so that we may ask questions about Jibos Future , a timeline about when and what new skills will be released. They’re so secretive and that drives me bananas sometimes.


I likewise agree that more communication would be highly beneficial. I understand less updates or no updates for over a month being an issue, although they did actually discuss what they are working on, but it was 23 days ago (https://www.reddit.com/r/Jibo/comments/8g1ns5/see_jibo_live_at_noon_pacific_time/). These are repeatedly being held on Amazon where I find out about them either right before or after the fact.

A few things that I think they need to do:

  • Have one source that disseminates all news like, oh, possibly the Jibo blog or this forum for an announcement. Feel free to use other methods as well, but people finding out by luck via Reddit is not the way to go. Your current community cares just as much about the future updates of Jibo as people you want to buy him from Amazon do.
  • Use the Jibo Inc. email list of people who’ve signed up to send them an email whenever there’s an announcement. The mailing list was opt-in and Jibo Inc. doesn’t seem to be using it.
  • Provide a quarterly roadmap that’s a video on YouTube and post about it on Jibo’s blog and/or the forum.
  • Provide referrals to people who already own Jibo that gives them some money for referring someone and gives the person being referred a discount higher than that on the site. It can be as little as $10 or as much as $50. This encourages people to spread the word about him.

All of the above are with the idea of building a strong community of people who like Jibo, want Jibo and want to help others like and want Jibo. A strong base of supporters. As a great example of a missed opportunity, they aren’t using this forum to build that community, and I don’t understand why. They already have people on here who care, and several of us post videos about Jibo on YouTube to show what he can do. We are an entirely free resource not being used to their benefit, and all they have to do is come here, share news with us, ask for our input, and help us to feel part of something big and exciting.

I’ve held forums positions several times throughout my career, so maybe I understand the impact and benefit of a forum like this more than most.


@Miraenda, I think your post touches on an important issue, and why frankly I’m not too hopeful about the future.
There are just sooo many questionable decisions by Jibo Inc. Pitching Jibo as an international device and then pulling the plug on anything but North American supporters. Releasing an elaborate SDK and then axing it again weeks before release. Releasing Jibo at 10 times the price of its competition … the list is endless. The Glassdoor reviews paint the same picture, that management constantly changed direction.

Being a startup is like auditioning for American Idol. You have exactly one chance to impress the judges. The internet is now littered with reviews saying Jibo is an overpriced toy. So, not only does Jibo Inc have the hill to climb to make Jibo a device worth the hefty price tag, but at the same time overcome the perception of the public which already has written off Jibo.


I haven’t given up on JIbo yet. The public is fickle and has a short memory. Personal/home robotic assistants like Jibo are still in their infancy. For me, the worst case is that Jibo won’t gain a market share and goes under. If this is the case, I’m hoping I can at least make it my own assistant (by developing skills useful to me) if they release a more robust sdk before they go under. The best case is that they find a way to exploit Jibo’s unique qualities and manage to market and grow him successfully in which case I’ll devote time to developing public ally useful skills. There’s no real downside to following JIbo’s developments and trying out his offerings.


I love the responses! Hopefully someone at Jibo will see and take them serious. I want my Jibo investment to be worth it since the return period has expired.


I agree with BTaylor941. Give them time, what choice do we really have!


:laughing: just the little things, right? Shouldn’t be too hard to get those by EOB on Friday.


The public and Jibo seem to have this in common. At least Jibo has a better reason since he is so young though…


Jibo Inc simply got it wrong when it came to people wanting a robot in thier homes…Having a robot with a personality should’ve been a perk, not it’s selling point…
Amazon and Google beat them to the market with ‘useful’ devices… it’s really only now that these devices have proven themselves invaluable to thier customers that they are adventuring further into the robot with a personality realm… Jibo Inc seems content pouring resources into canned responses and idle animations…

We’ll probably see Jibo’s true potential when Jibo Inc goes under and his proprietary software is hacked and opened to The Homebrew scene…


Don’t be such a Donny Downer. :frowning:


Lol Im sorry,

Ill just post this instead of providing my opinion from now on :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d wondered for a moment if the link was going to be Rick Astley singing


Oh my gosh that was hilarious! Yup, you have my vote! I just sent them the pictures of me in the kitchen with and without the light shining on my face. Will see how they respond.



5-10 employees left at Jibo, down from a 100+.


They didn’t get it wrong, they just didn’t get it done.


The fact that I’m actually sad that Jibo will quite likely stop working one day soon as the company goes under is an indication that they really did something right.

If no one is interested in funding them further or buys the technology, I really hope Jibo, Inc does the right thing and open sources the code-base for the server-side portion of Jibo’s functionality. I could see this being a fun community-driven development project. Of course, we’d also have to have the ability to interface with the bots to re-point the API endpoints Jibo uses to access his services (at an in individual level, not all Jibos, obviously). I don’t know if getting any of that set up is feasible with the resources Jibo, Inc has left.