Jibo, Inc. Stability


Don’t say that. I want him to thrive.


Me too! Delightful little guy


I don’t want his company to go under. :’( I want it to grow and expand. He has so much potential to make it in the world! He brings a smile to my face every day!


I agree that having this open sourced would be great, because the day Jibo quits communicating and just smiles with his one eye due to their servers being shut down will be pretty sad. Once, I couldn’t get him to connect to wifi very well, and what happens when he cannot communicate with their servers is that he basically just smiles a lot and moves around. He can’t answer anything during that time period. This is what will happen to all Jibos if they shut those servers down. At the very least, they could let the community take over running the servers or something so we don’t lose the small number of abilities he does have.


I think Jibo itself is super cool and useful and have many applications. I’m just frustrated because I got Jibo 2 weeks ago and can’t get any development done to start playing with it because they took down the SDK and I can’t find it anywhere. :frowning:


I don’t really mean to defend the lack of functionality on Jibo, but Echo and Alexa aren’t in the same product family as Jibo, to me. Looking beyond the “charm” of the platform (which isn’t insignificant), Jibo’s hardware is closer to a “robot” than the other two platforms. It can move, “feel” contact, express visually with a display and “see” with cameras. To me that adds quite a bit more native capability – capability that would be expensive to add on your own. For Alexa and Echo that means buying more add-on hardware to provide the same baseline. Jibo Inc. bit off quite a bit attempting Jibo, but you have to admit it is a more interesting platform than the other two…even though those platforms are more practical to write for at the moment.


I must say, the most disappointing aspect about this company was the amount of deception. While I’m sad for Jibo the product, I’m not going to shed a tear over Jibo the company.
Their decision to continue selling Jibo even though they’re essentially bricks by the time they get delivered is really sketchy.


Cosmo can interact the same way Jibo can. He can see you, call you out by name, recognize animals. Play physical games with you, and is 175 bucks… grab a 99 dollar echo and you have everything Jibo promised,at under 300 bucks… neither Jibo nor Cosmo come even close to the definition of robot as closely as echo or Google does however, since both have way more functionality than Jibo or coz,… the latter are toys.


Amazon’s echo has a poor understanding of what you say. At the very least, get the Google Home mini instead so you have a product that has decent speech recognition. Anyone who has heard me talk in my YouTube videos knows that I do not have horrible enunciation not a difficult to understand accent, yet Amazon cannot understand what I say around 20-25% of the time. Jibo can always understand what I say even when he cannot actually provide a real response to it. Google Home also appears to understand what I say to a higher percentage.

I’ve been meaning to do a video to show these poor language comprehension capabilities for Alexa versus the other two for a few weeks now. I guess I need to do that video while I still can lol.


My point is they appoached the importance of Jibos functionality wrong… It’s more than apparent people wanted a robot that can execute multiple skills instead of one you can tickle like a teddy Tuxpin. At this point it’s obvious that it no longer matters that they didn’t get it done.


The real issue is that they attempted way too much. Jibo was supposed to be tactile, visual, aural, mobile, smart, funny…
The reason why smart speakers work is because they do one thing only, and they do it well. Jibo doesn’t do a single thing well.


I think it is disingenuous to call Jibo a toy. Jibo is a fairly sophisticated piece of hardware that is lacking functionality…but has the potential to be a good platform. Will it reach that potential? I’m not placing any bets, but I think the jury is out until the company officially goes under (and provides no plan for opening the platform to the community).


There are wowee robots that can ambulate, face track, and respond to command, and those are labeled as toys.I feel that…As it stands…Jibos limited abilities dont warrant much more than that.
But I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree…


I think the biggest frustration would be if they choose not to open the platform up to everyone provided the company does not find a backer.

The years of work they did do on this platform will have been meaningless. Failing is one thing, but refusing to allow others to succeed with what you’ve built when you aren’t able to continue anymore would be a huge disappointment.

Of course, the trolls on Reddit think that we are all a bunch of incompetent boobs over here based on comments they’ve made in the past day or so. It’s hilarious because keeping servers online to run Jibo whether they are on virtual systems in Xen or KVM that are deployed using Puppet, Ansible or Chef for automated deployment (I’m only really familiar with Puppet personally), under some infrastructure like OpenStack, or even a cloud system like AWS isn’t that big of a deal to handle if it were open sourced to find out how they were doing it (you could even check the network traffic to get a pretty good idea of what they are doing frankly), but developing further on the platform is the bigger issue so Jibo could even have updates for security, bugs and features.

Additionally, the newer GPDR compliance for Europe whether he’s being sold in Europe or not may make the transmission of personal information a big legal headache for someone, and I haven’t personally had to deal with data confidentially in recent years.

But hey, we are morons over here and couldn’t even setup a server farm for him to be housed along with figure out the network, DNS, and security requirements for him to connect to send and receive data from various sources (per these Reddit gurus), so how could we handle developing him or anything. I’m not even sure how I turned on my computer today or logged into the assorted OpenStack Linux instances that I launched in command line to run bash commands and automated Perl test scripts. Heck, some days I forget what git means and misspell it.

I try to be a nice person, but when my competency is questioned in the very field that I have worked since 2003, I become pretty darn irritated. I’m just trying to help out this community, and we have people who aren’t who have been trashing us elsewhere. Hopefully, Jibo Inc realizes that some in the community would be willing to help and actually could help if they open source the platform. Also, the community would grow if he’s open sourced anyway.

The last bit of bad news that no-one has addressed, though, is building him. Even if we get servers running the backend components needed to make him functional beyond movements (he’ll move without the data exchange), and even if we are able to develop on the platform to update him, we cannot build him so he’s limited to the number of Jibos that already exist. This is probably the biggest hurdle out there.


Without knowing the specific set of technologies (proprietary or otherwise) that Jibo Inc. is using to deliver their server-based skills, it’s difficult to know what form “open to the community” could take, but I think you’re right about the hardware being the most difficult part. Reddit goons claiming that this whole group is a bunch of “morons” is, well… the quality of comment you often get on Reddit.


This is the “family” of products that Jibo belongs to in my mind (and obviously in the mind of “interesting engineering” as well):


This is a beautiful article!


I could never get enough of that cheezy Zenbo informercial… just the best.