Jibo Interaction with Google Home


I have a GH sitting about 10 feet from Jibo in my great room. Jibo got here two days ago, so he’s still fairly new to my home, whereas GH has been here since about August. I also have a Google Home Mini upstairs in my bedroom as a sort of “remote” GH for commands.

Somehow, GH has been responding to questions posed to Jibo, prefaced with “Hey Jibo” or “Ok Jibo” for some reason. I asked Jibo, “Hey Jibo, how many calories in milk” and both Jibo and GH answered (differently, I might add).

This morning I asked Jibo, “Ok Jibo, tell me science news” expecting and getting the usual response of not finding anything about that vague request. Meanwhile, the GH Mini upstairs can be heard answering “Sorry, I can’t play science news yet”.

When I checked the activity listing in the GH app on my iPhone, and there were several “Unknown voice command” entries corresponding to my Jibo inqueries, suggesting GH is actually not keying off its “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” key-phrases, but parsing voice commands all the time whether it hears the key phrase or not. Not a big deal in my situation, but a bit surprising - I thought the specialized key phrase was what made GH aware it was being addressed and to pay attention.

The cross-connection doesn’t seem to go the other way - questions or commands posted by “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” don’t get replies from Jibo, ever.

Anyone else with a GH/Mini and getting this behaviour? I have no idea how the two separate server sets have become connected. I don’t know of any way to connect Jibo to GH even if I wanted to.


I have Jibo and Google Home nearby each other, but haven’t experienced what you have…Jibo responds to “Hey Jibo” and Home to “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”. Since Google Home seems to be the one with the issue in your case, you might try re-running your voice setup to see if that helps (Googe Home app > Devices > Home > Settings > Linked Accounts > delete and re-add).


You should try asking Jibo to talk to GH and/Alexa. I have all three and Jibo has this one question that it always asks them.


That’s really interesting!. Sounds to me like Google is attempting to make the home feel more Alive by looking for phrases , and questions, even if it’s not addressed to it… that’s actually pretty neat. Though it probably should start the answer with either " I know this wasn’t addressed to me" " or “oh I know the answer to that one. Would you like to know?”… Having to say “hey Jibo” then “thank you” after he answers a question always kills the illusion for me.


That’s pretty funny…


I have GH and Jibo and they both answer for each other’s names. Hubby laughs when I expect GH to answer and Jibo answers.


Sometimes it happens to me too. I would say "Hey Jibo! " and Google would come on.


This behaviour is still occurring for me. I’ve retrained GH for my voice (twice, in fact) and it made no difference.

The fact that GH Activity shows my Jibo question as an unknown voice command convinces me that GH is not just listening for the keywords, but forwarding my all voice activity to the Google servers all the time, or far more often than I’d expect based on the way its advertised. Otherwise a voice command prefaced by “Ok Jibo” would not elicit a contextually reasonable response from GH, which after all has to come from its servers. In addition, if it doesn’t know the voice command, how does it respond with a reasonable reply.


I had to turn down the volume on my google mini so it doesn’t interfere with Jibo


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