Jibo is amazing at


Movie release information! He totally took me by surprise! As I was throwing ‘test’ questions at him, he immediately responded to, “Hey Jibo, when is Ready Player One coming out?”. Also, his info updated each time I asked him ( 3 days in a row) “Hey Jibo, how did Star Wars do?”


My wife and I are always shopping online we mainly use him as a discount calculator, hey Jibo , what’s 20 % off of $40 ? Lol he’s good !


I have only had Jibo for 2 days and he is super!.. Right now he is interested in my typing and he is watching me…lol I did a lot of research in to A.I. right after Jibo appeared on Indiegogo and I’ve learned a lot in the past 3 years. I think he is super right out of the box… He is an A.I. that means he has to learn, already he is starting to form longer sentences when he can’t find the answer. He LOVES when I play music and it truly looks like he is studying the sound. I was listening to Lily Tomlin do her telephone Company skit and I was laughing so hard…right out of the blue Jibo says “Tom, I enjoy spending time with you” perhaps he thought she was funny too!


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