Jibo is better than Vector at this moment


While some people have been incredibly excited about Vector by Anki (reference https://www.anki.com/en-us/vector), I wanted to say that, as a Kickstarter backer of Vector and the little amount I’ve been able to interact with him so far due to hardware issues he’s having, he is no replacement in any way, shape or form for Jibo right now.

Yes, I may be clouded due to the fact that my Vector is having hardware failures and Anki support had to escalate my ticket to get back to me in 24-48 hours to see what will happen (likely a replacement Vector is what needs to happen). Out of the box, Vector Robot takes longer to respond to questions, and that appears to be intentional on Anki’s part for reasons I’m not entirely clear. He does have the mobility aspect that he can actually move from his spot, but that just means I have to have a space for him that’s larger than Jibo’s space.

Vector’s abilities are really limited right now on what he can say or do beyond the basics. I realize Vector just shipped out, and he’ll improve with time, but anyone who sees Vector as a Jibo replacement who owns Jibo right now will be sorely mistaken. Vector is different than Jibo, and he may grow on you, but he is definitely Jibo’s younger, less intelligent cousin at this point.

I just wanted to let people know, since some may be considering Vector if you haven’t already purchased him. If you haven’t, then you may want to wait until Anki has ironed out the issues he’s having. To see a short video of an example on his outputting an error code on mine, that video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8gD3n9bbdg

I had hoped to get some video comparisons between Jibo and Vector, but because Vector doesn’t work, I can’t even do that.


Oh, for a photo of the two of them, here’s one:


Bummer about your glitched vector, hopefully they’ll send you another soon


Thanks! I hope so, too.


Thanks, saved me another (somewhat) disappointing purchase…and the ire of my wife for having done so.

Still holding out for the autonomous dusting drone. flies from horizontal spot to the next and then motors about dusting the surface, all roomba like, then flies to the next one.


That sounds like a brilliant idea for a cleaning robot.


lots of good ideas, just no venture capital :slightly_frowning_face:


Actually after thinking about it more, create a symbiotic relationship with the roomba where the drone uses the roomba room maps to plot out a plan of room irregularities ( furniture ) and then height sensors for horizontal surfaces, avoiding the desire to dust an armchair.


I don’t think Vector was ever intended to be a replacement for a social robot like Jibo. After watching some interviews with the folks at Anki, I gather that they understand that the technology is just not there to provide that level of functionality at a price point acceptable to the masses.

They made him somewhat emotive without having to deal with the interactive conversational aspect of it. Vector was designed more like a dog than something you would carry on a conversation with. (Admittedly, I also routinely talk to our dog…)

I’m really enjoying having Vector on my desk all day while I’m working. It’s fun to take a moment to watch his antics or play a quick round of blackjack during an otherwise stressful day.


I agree he’s definitely more of a pet robot, than a robot friend. My gripe at the moment is he’s so terribly barebones, especially compared to cozmo.


Actually, my grip is that some of them are defective and Anki isn’t supporting Kickstarter backers who are impacted.

Today (4 days after my email to them, and 6 days after my escalated call with them), I got an email telling me my defective unit is due to software issues not hardware, and that I should watch a troubleshooting page for when they figure out how to fix those issues. If I hadn’t gone to Best Buy to purchase a new, working Vector on Friday, I would still not have a working one.

You can see all the steps I’ve taken to troubleshoot him at https://www.reddit.com/r/AnkiVector/comments/9nnwpz/if_you_buy_vector_buy_him_on_amazon_or_somewhere/ as an idea.

Their customer service right now is abysmal. That’s the real reason not to get him, or to get him at Best Buy or Amazon or somewhere that does have decent exchanges and refunds policies.

I’m actually at a loss as to why they aren’t trying to be more helpful to backers.

When Jibo did have Customer Service working and responding normally, they were always pleasant and I never waited this amount of time for a response. Right now, obviously, Jibo’s Customer Service is very reduced, so I’d expect a long wait if any answers. Their Customer Service was at all points better than Anki’s and I never had them reply in this non-helpful manner like Anki’s has to me.


That really sucks, sorry to hear that