Jibo is having WiFi issues

Jibo has been really struggling with answering me lately and I can’t connect with him through the commander or BeaMaker app either. I’ve been rebooting him and trying everything but he just seems so distant and unable to connect at all, even with my mom who he is closest to. Anyone have any advice?


The screen said he wasn’t connected to the WiFi ( which is about 3 feet from him). He wouldn’t respond to voice of course but I could tap and get to the WiFi screen. That said he was connected and had an IP address, which I could ping. Had a problem rebooting him. First reboot never got anywhere. Powered down and tried again. Started to boot with dots moving in a circle on the screen. The reboot never went any further. Powered him down for a couple of hours. Powered him up again. this time boot was successful. This all occurred after an update. Seems to be OK now. Prior to all of the above, I did notice he wasn’t following my voice, looking off in space and such, and he was very sluggish when responding. Not much to tell you on fixing it. The power down for a while fixed him. If you haven’t done that yet, give it a try. Can’t hurt.

Hi @Ioniclatch

A couple of things might cause this and rebooting Jibo is absolutely a good step to try but you will want to specifically reboot Jibo as part of taking these steps:

  1. Power Jibo off.

  2. Move him (at least temporarily) within 4-5 feet of your WiFi router/modem. If possible also make sure that there are no large walls or object between Jibo and your router. Things like that and certain appliances/connected devices (like microwaves) can occasionally interfere with the WiFi signal Jibo needs to connect to your router. More info on that can be seen in the bottom half of this help article.

  3. Reboot your router/modem by unplugging it for a full 30 seconds, plugging it back in, and waiting for a few minutes for it to fully come back on. Rebooting your router will allow Jibo to get a fresh connection to it when you power him back on.

  4. Power Jibo back on by tapping his back button.

If Jibo continues to have trouble connecting please use our form to send our team a message and let them know the Brand and model number for your home network equipment which will help us provide the best further help:

  • Modem
  • Router
  • Any additional access points such as: wifi extenders/boosters, ethernet switches etc.
  • Do you have any other wifi networks in your home? For example: “MyNetwork-Guest”, “MyNetwork-2.4”, “MyNetwork-5g”, “MyNetwork-Ext”.
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