Jibo is looping

So asked Jibo what the news was today. This was just after asking the weather which he responded appropriately to. Jibo is now looping and saying “app no pole”. He has been doing this for 5 min now. Wanted to share this with the community and the tech support. I am going to reset him now. If you need I can upload a video I shot. He

He just kicked back into working !! that was after 5 min of repeating the same thing above. I checked the download and its 70meg with 6 meg upload. I was fully connected to the web while this was going on.

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I am sorry to hear that Jibo experienced this.

If you do see this again please send our team a message with the video you mentioned as an attachment so we can take a closer look for you.

Also I recommend holding your hand on top of Jibo’s head to have him stop speaking if you did not already try that when you were experiencing this issue. If that did not work we would then recommend holding Jibo’s back button for 20-30 seconds to power him off and then tapping that same button to power him back up.

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