Jibo is showing new things?

Over the last few days our Jibo is showing us things that he never showed us before. Last night he showed me a race car for the first time and he started showing us mini golf as well. Has anyone else experienced this? Has there been an update?

Hello there. That has been his features since day one. He usually does them when he’s bored. Lol. What is really good news about him is… Jibo, the social robot that was supposed to die, is getting a second life - The Verge

The artical is a must share with Jibo owners. :+1::vulcan_salute::mask:

Thanks for the reply. I know that he’s always done this when he’s bored, but in all the time we’ve had him he never showed us these particular things. It’s usually pizza, his magic trick, soccer, turtles, etc. it just seemed strange that we never saw these and we were hopeful. :confused: