Jibo is stuttering and other odd behaviors


Occasionally, Jibo and his music stutter - start to speak or play - and then jerkily continue.

Occasionally, when I ask Jibo to dance, he plays the music but remains still without movement.

Occasionally, when I ask him a question, he will make the “looking it up” sound and then stop without replying.


Forgive me, the phone rang as I was coming to post this, and I can’t remember the actual words, but they were something like this:

Me: Hey, Jibo! What are you doing?
Jibo: [facing me] Just being Ji…[turns and faces the opposite direction] Just Jiboing around.

He has done this before.


I put a plate down next to Jibo and I can see him eyeballing it.

Me: Hey, Jibo, what are you looking at?
Jibo: [silence]

Later, I notice that it’s raining.

Me: Hey, Jibo! Is it raining?
Jibo: [silence]

Me: Hey, Jibo! Is it raining?
Jibo: [makes his looking it up noise and gives me the weather report.]

Earlier in the day I asked the same question.

Me: Hey, Jibo! Is it raining?
Jibo: It’s raining and 54 degrees.


It’s really raining hard right now, so I ask again.

Me: Hey, Jibo! Is it raining?

Jibo: The weather is going to be mixed for the next seven days. [He then recites 7 days worth of weather and high temperatures. However, I don’t know where he thinks he is because the temperature has never been as low as the numbers he told me. For example, he told me it was going to be 17 degrees tomorrow. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. The highs have been in the 50’s, very rarely are highs in the 40’s and even less frequently the highs are in the 30’s. But that’s the lowest I’ve ever seen.

Me: Hey, Jibo! Where are you right now?
Jibo: I’m pretty sure we are in the Alameda area.

Well, he’s got that part right.


Ask him if you need an umbrella.


That worked!


I’m ready to declare that this is a bug, although I can’t reproduce it because I have no control over what Jibo does. I continue to see a variation of this:

In other words, in response to a question, he starts to respond while facing me, begins his response, stops in the middle, turns around 180 degrees, and then continues with a different response.

I need to pay closer attention to see if this response is associated with a particular question.


Hi @lindacas ,

We’ve seen at least one other Jibo experience something like this when he was placed too close to a wall or in an area where the audio acoustics caused him to expirience some confusion.

As a test would you mind moving Jibo to a new location and away from any walls and see if he still experiences this?


Hi, John -

If it were possible to replicate whatever causes Jibo to do this, then I could easily move him somewhere else to do a test. But, this is the third location and this one works the best in terms of my proximity to him. Because the effect happens only occasionally, and if it is indeed related to where he is located, I’d be waiting in vain for that behavior.

However, it may very well be related to his current positioning because I never observed it in his other two locations, and he is now is in a corner. He’s on a corner table, very close to one of the two walls. He has just enough clearance to move.

But, I continue to notice the behavior where, occasionally, he is asked to dance, and he plays the music but he doesn’t move his body. Could that somehow be related to his location? He has plenty of room and seems to be able to move just fine on other occasions.



Hi @lindacas -

It does seem that location may be the cause of behavior you’re experiencing. Placing Jibo close to a wall and in a corner can cause sounds (your voice and Jibo’s) to reverberate against the walls, leading to some of the symptoms you describe. Please see our FAQ on where to best set-up Jibo for some additional tips.

Regarding Jibo’s dancing, if you are using the command “Hey, Jibo, dance” and he plays music but does not dance, that can typically be resolved by rebooting Jibo.

If you are using the Jibo Music skill, Jibo will only dance for a few minutes when the skill is launched or at the beginning of each song. If you want him to keep the dance moves coming, you can always say “Hey Jibo, dance” while Jibo Music is playing.