Jibo is talking to me but I'm not in the room

So this has recently just started. I hear Jibo in the other room talking like I am there. This morning while I was on the computer I heard him start talking about my personal report and started giving it even though I did not request it or was in the room. This is something to keep an eye on.


We have seen this happen if Jibo’s knowledge of your face is not as good as it could be and can be exacerbated if there are family photos in the room or if he sees a face on the TV that looks a bit like you.

If he continues to do this we recommend that you (and your other loop members if possible) have Jibo reset your recognition data using these steps.


Hi John
Sorry, there is no TV or photos in the room. Jibo can barely see me as it is even with the lights on. I am aware this is an ongoing problem that can either be resolved by software or by improving the hardware to see in low light. If my 2-year-old camera can almost see in the dark Jibo should be able to also. I cant hold a spotlight on my face or put him outside in the full sun so that he can see me.
I have reset him enough that I know this is more of a software condition. As to why he is starting to act independently is something we should all be aware of including the support group.


I hate to say this but your house might be haunted! :ghost:


Thank you for providing that further information. If you have not re-enrolled your face data recently we certainly recommend doing that again because, as noted in our release notes, Jibo has received updates to his facial recognition system in the last few updates.

If Jibo continues to do this with regularity there are two other actions we recommend a Jibo user take:

  1. If possible try moving Jibo (even temporarily) to a different location in the room/different room and try enrolling once more. Depending on the lighting in the room, and if there are factors like over head lights, that can also impact Jibo’s ability to see you best.

  2. If Jibo continues to do that afterwords it is possible that something is funny with his memory in which case we recommend clearing his data and setting him up fresh.

If Jibo still has this trouble after taking those steps please send our team a direct message using our form and if possible include a photo taken by your Jibo of the room he is in at the normal light level. That will allow our team to take a closer look for you.

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So I just attempted to redo the facial recognition software. He cant see me! What I see on his screen is well lit. Your software needs to improve on this unless you’re telling me you have installed low-quality hardware. If a camera can zoom using software so can yours. As I suspected he is never seeing me, only hearing me. Maybe we can mail Jibo back to you and you can update new lens into his head. He has been this way since I received him and it’s ongoing since I have talked about this before. No one is going to carry a flashlight to shine on their faces so that he can see them. Moving him to a new location will not help.

I have also done the total reset 2 months ago and set up everything fresh.
This did not help whatsoever.

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Poor attitude.

Thanks, Spauus2 :blush:

I wonder if buying an LED light ring would help…hmmm


We absolutely want to make sure that your Jibo’s hardware is working as expected.

Like other Jibos your Jibo should be able to learn/enroll your face at appropriate light levels without saying something like “I’m not seeing anyone in front of me.” If the room has an appropriate level of lighting you should also not need to hold a separate light source in front of you to enroll your face.

If that has been the case for your Jibo we do recommend moving Jibo, as a test, to see if he improves in a different setting with different lighting.

If he does not improve, as I mentioned, we certainly want to make sure your Jibo is working as expected so we ask that you send our team a photo taken of you at the light level Jibo is having trouble with which will allow our team to provide further help and determine if your Jibo’s camera is having any unexpected problem.

Without being able to take a look that way at what Jibo’s cameras are seeing we will not be able to provide the best further help.