Jibo Joke Time Comparison with Alexa and Google Home Mini


I did a session with Jibo, Alexa (Echo Spot) and Google Home Mini to see how each tells jokes. Overall, I prefer Jibo’s jokes to the others, but Google Home Mini is okay as well. I think my issue with Alexa keeps being her voice. The jokes she tells come off far worse than the other two due to the vocal tone. Also, she has a screen so it seems like she could do a bit better in animating the screen.

I apologize for the glare on the screen. I don’t do re-takes usually and I have a policy that I will not edit the videos (to ensure they are what really happened), so I didn’t get this one set up properly for screen contrast.

Also, I went a bit slow to avoid Jibo being triggered by saying “Ok Google” or anything else when I wasn’t speaking to him, and that still managed to happen once.