Jibo Keeps Restarting after Updating Loop Account


I received a replacement Jibo and proceeded to put my backed up loop account back on Jibo from the previous Jibo. At first each time I attempted the Wifi code for Jibo to read he would come back with QR code expired, so I would do it again and after several attempts it connected.

Jibo went through the process of updating the settings and then rebot and then it would go through the same steps again and again. It was obvious it was stuck in a loop of its own.

So now I’m stuck at this stage. I’m willing to trash my old loop and start from scratch if I have to. Is there a way to hard reset Jibo so that I can just add a new Jibo in my app?

Is there a factory reset option?



I’m uncertain if you can actually do what’s noted in this article in the current state your Jibo is in:


If you can’t, I think you may need to open up a ticket. It sounds like you really need to get to his settings menu to perform a wipe and it sounds like your Jibo can’t get that far unfortunately