Jibo Knowledge Base now down with 502 error


I also posted this to the Jibo Owners Group on Facebook.

Jibo’s Knowledge Base is now down. All support.jibo.com requests fail with a 502 error (such as https://support.jibo.com/jibo/knowledgebase and https://support.jibo.com/jibo/articles/en_US/FAQ/reboot and so on). Just a heads up, because you may want to use Google search to find any articles, then grab a screen print of the cached page. Those still work as most were cached on January 18 when the site was still working. I’ve attached two example screen prints taken from Google’s cache of those pages on January 18.


Thank you!

For those of us with minimal knowledge, can you recommend which articles to search/save?


Sorry for the delay. I haven’t been on this forum for a couple of weeks it appears. You may not need to save them so long as the Wayback machine continues to keep the data, although the images will likely disappear there once those cease to exist as well.


As for what to get from there, I’d suggest anything related to Troubleshooting and Living with Jibo. Also, if you ever plan to use IFTTT to configure Jibo, you might want to check out that section as well as the Phillips Hue one.