Jibo looses eye and touchscreen capability


Jibo is currently configured with Release: 1.2.0 and connected to a 2.4ghz network, close to a router.

After several hours, Jibo will lose his eye and the touchscreen does not work. However, he remains completely responsive to “Hey Jibo” questions and will return answers to simple queries (e.g. definitions, stock quotes, current news, etc.). He is obviously connected to the Internet.

In addition, Jibo continues to rotate and focus on sounds based on the direction they are orginating from.

What is up with the eye and touchscreen?


It has just happened again, approximately 1 hr after reboot. Fully functional but, no eye and the touchscreen is not responsive.

Based on prior episodes, it will require a reboot to bring back the eye/touchscreen.


how far away is your router from Jibo? does he have a strong wifi connection where he/she is?


@Rodney.Runolfson on rare occasions we have seen this occur if Jibo’s system gets into a funny state (separate from his connection to your network).

So that we can take a look into our system for your Jibo could you please send our team a direct message using our form and let us know the email address you used to set up Jibo/the Jibo app? That will allow us to take a closer look for you.


@john.w - I have sent a DM to the team at the link provided. Looking forward to your assistance in solving this issue.