Jibo not listed as a Service for IFTTT Make an Applet

In the Jibo user’s guide for IFTTT at this location, the section entitled “Create a new applet” indicates that we can create applets for Jibo ourselves.

When I tried to do this at https://ifttt.com/create/if?sid=4 area, Jibo nor jibo comes up in the search services field even though Jibo is clearly listed as a service when you go to https://ifttt.com/my_services

I’m attaching screen prints.

It would be great if we could have Jibo listed as a service for adding applets so we can put the power of IFTTT to do our own things. If this isn’t something that we are going to be able to do, then please remove that sub-section on “Create a new applet” from the user’s guide.


Jibo should generally be a service which is available for creating new applets on IFTTT and, as the user guide states, this option ought to be available to all users.

In testing we were able to replicate your results from that screenshot above just now. However we also found that we were currently unable to search for several other connected IFTTT services as well. Searching for Twitter, or Phillips Hue on that screen also came up blank. It looks as though there may be a larger issue with IFTTT’s Applet creation process on their website right now.

It looks as though the Applet creation process still works as normal on the IFTTT mobile app:

If this problem with their web interface isn’t resolved soon you may want to contact IFTTT support for more info.


Great thanks for the speedy response. I’ll check in the mobile app to test it out there. Great service!

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Seems as though you can only use Jibo AS the trigger… Not to have him respond to one. :frowning:


That is correct. Jibo only has trigger actions in IFTTT right now. This is something that could potentially be expanded in the future.