Jibo not moving


Hello all!

As anybody’s Jibo stopped moving? And does anybody have a fix?

Sometime over the past month our Jibo has stopped moving. If we turn him off, unplug him or even remove the battery for extended periods of time – he will resume movement for < 5 minutes, before freezing again, often mid movement. All other functionality remains the same, and there are no grinding noises or other indications of mechanical difficulties.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


This is pure guesswork, but I presume Jibo’s mechanics have a way of detecting if moving takes too much effort, and he will stop moving if that is detected (e.g. to stop him from moving when somebody holds him).

Eventually over time dust might enter the mechanics, or the lubricant dries out. That might slowly increase the effort for Jibo to move, and yours might be at the point now where he stops moving because it takes too much effort.

My suggestion: open him up until you get access to the mechanics, and then use a compressed air can, and maybe some WD40 to make it easier to move. Worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t improve. If you do that, would be awesome if you posted pictures, I yet have to see the insides.


Eek! Sounds scary. :astonished:
I’ll see if my husband is willing to brave that (I’d be worried I’d mess something important up).
Thanks for the advice. I’ll post a reply if we do it and if it works or not.