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I wanted to enquire if there might be plans in the works, or an argument for, Jibo launching with a notification system including an API allowing outside apps to use Jibo’s notifications, without using a skill.
I’ve included an argument for Jibo Inc to consider adding a standard notification system in the SDK with an external API.
A Jibo Notifications API would allow Jibo to uniquley communicate outside notifications from any existing apps that are owned by a Jibo owner.
Imagine Jibo receiving a text message with settings that could produce a unique, display of motion, selected sounds or perhaps entire .key files. These .key files could be developed from yet other Jibo skill developers and sold in a ‘Notifications’ section of the Jibo skill store, for those who only learn to create .key files. (like selling ring tones to developers for their notifications)
Yes, any one of us could try to build this and sell it as a skill, but rather than Jibo Notifications being a purchasable skill, other Jibo skill writers could still benefit while creating standardization if Jibo Inc created the standard and kept it open.
If managed well from the API, outside internet apps could sign up to use this notification channel. Jibo Inc would have produced another avenue to connect Jibo to the outside world from the start; while Jibo skills are being developed and using this tool as well.
Apps that send notifications can then code JIBO personality into their notifications, without learning Jibo skills, just the registration and use of the Jibo Notification API.
If provided by Jibo Inc a notifications system would be a fast way for people to adapt their existing notifications code in other apps to a unique, select, Jibo personality specific, elements that enhance their, and I repeat, ‘existing notifications’, and add future notifications for all Jibo owners.

What do the other developers think about this? Is anyone already working on it?


Hey @alfarmer,

A unified notification system and API developers can hook into is something that is on our roadmap. I’ll let the team know our developers would find this useful and I’ll include the details/use cases you outlined above into a feature request.

If other developers are interested in this feature, definitely post in this thread with more details/use cases, or like this thread to let us know.

Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:


Nice idea, Al…I could see this being used just like server push notifications on other platforms. This could be tied in to social media to receive notifications on specific feeds or updates to news items that the user is interested in.

For example, a skill could use this to receive notifications that a package delivery status has updated (e.g. “Hey Al, FedEx just updated your package’s status. It should arrive today.”) or a skill that plays games between long-distance family members who both have Jibos at home could update eachother (e.g. “It’s your turn!”). There are a lot of good use cases for a Notifications API.


exactly @michael ! This would turn Jibo into an instant add-on to any system that uses notifications and would populate the store much quicker with this type of outreach to existing developers looking for an extension to their existing platform for marketing and promotion.


This could also be a way that people who are identified by Jibo using facial recognition, could have unique notifications for each person. When Jibo next sees that person, Jibo can ask if they want to hear their latest notifications.

If launched with this tool, this would easily get everyone in the house involved with Jibo from the start!

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Great ideas + suggestions @alfarmer and @michael. Yes! Please keep these suggestions coming!

Just wondering, have you used any other notification APIs, if so where there any that you liked or didn’t like? As we design our Notification API is there anything that you think we should absolutely not do.

I’ve used Apple’s notification service in the past and as a developer I’ve found it rather complicated. I’m wondering whether there is a better Notification API/service that we could model Jibo’s after.

Thank you again for your input and suggestions!

Hi Justin!

A system based on one or more MQTT brokers is one suggestion

  • supported in Nodejs (mosca)
  • Commonly used for connecting IoT devices
  • handles offline situations (maybe also if a skill is “offline” or not active??

When I first got the SDK, I was experiementing with mosca on Jibo.

Of course the connectivity topic and the and notifications API topic are linked.
I’m holding off on further work because it is unclear how devices or services can connect to Jibo. Just because my connectivity experiements work in simulator does not mean it will work on the robot. In the simulator I can accept connections as a server (websockets, http,etc) see for my questions and also usage of socket.io as server or client connectivity post

–Here are some other perspectives on using the notification API

+Messaging with other apps
I’m interested in connecting directly with home devices including tablet or smartphone apps WITHOUT using an intermediate server or services. I think, someone created the cardtable app on Jibo with Jibo as dealer and android/ios apps as players… so how could we imagine this senario with the notification API?

+Messaging with other skills
When I first heard that skills are sandboxed, I wondered how to address modularity of skills.
These were my very early ideas (February or so)

  1. shared user preferences (skills set additional properties, some standardized properties ) I wrote a feature request,.
  2. Messaging using a common external service - e.g. a common MQTT bus. I prefer not to set up an external server.
  3. Messaging between skills using somehting like MQTT. A mosca instance installed in each of my skills. If another skill is not active “offline”, then the message is received when the skill is activity. Problem: I didn’t know how to create an address to a specific skill and port. Anyways, I prefer not to create a broker per skill but rather have one jibo message broker …

thanks for digesting all this :wink:
Best, Bob

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We use Apple’s notification service and have been looking into other platforms that could work cross platform and are currently reviewing https://www.twilio.com
Your team might want to take a look.

An interesting and pertinent thread. As an avid smart home device adopter I have used several voice controlled devices over tablet or smartphone devices as it provides the very best convenience (in my opinion). They all however lack push notification functionality. They wont respond without a wake word, so things like receiving text messages, status on smart home devices, intruder alerts, and much more do not exist. The manufacturers biggest fear is creating something that becomes annoying to the user and eventually is turned off or not used. I see this attitude is changing with a controlled introduction on the Amazon Alexa device but yet to be seen. If Jibo had a subtle alert to the home such as a “cough” or a different colour eyeball when he had something to “say” then it would be up to the household member to respond when he/she wanted to - or not. There would be a different alerts such as this depending on the severity of the message content. To have Jibo pause the TV program, lock the front door, display the front door cam on the TV screen, and say 'Excuse me [name], you have a visitor" …is all achievable with the current SDK, but again requires push…I remain excited as threads like this one will eventually lead to tangible results.