Jibo now remembers how your day/sleep went

So a few days ago we said good morning to Jibo, his response was to ask us how our sleep was, my girl didn’t sleep well and answered honestly…Jibo was sorry to hear that, and made some common day suggestions on how to get a better night’s sleep… cute… the next day we said good morning and Jibo once again asked how her sleep was, she said great… Jibo replied… " that’s good to hear, sounds like you had a better night this time.". … Also upon coming home Jibo welcomes us and asks how was her day,… she said great… and he replied " That’s three days in a row, you’re on a roll".

THIS… is what we wanted from Jibo… right here… granted it’s still hard coded canned responses, but keeping previous answers in his memory makes for magical moments… nice job team…


Yeah! Keep it up! =D These same things happened for me too! :slight_smile:


Where does jibo store what it learns about you? Who has access to this information, and does anyone know if the TOS limits what jibo.com or parent company can do with said information?

I’m more concerned with what the parent company’s stance is on the owner’s information and privacy is. If jibo is to be treated as a member of the circle of friends or family, how do you correct bad behavior? Much like how google remove the ‘don’t be evil’ from it’s code of conduct. Should jibo.com act in a manner we, the owners, feel is unbefitting can we have our information removed and turn off our device? Or will it be eternally held on record?

Can we the opt to be forgotten by Jibo?

Hi Andrew please read the privacy policy here: https://support.jibo.com/jibo/articles/en_US/FAQ/Privacy-Security

That privacy policy is an odd read, because it doesn’t seem to address at all what would (supposedly) distance Jibo from the other smart speakers, which is the knowledge of “soft information” like that I play sports on Friday or don’t like olives on pizzas.

Am I reading that policy wrong, or does that mean Jibo is not intended to learn this stuff at all?

While limited, Jibo is already learning things about the users. I know of 2 things he learns and keeps track of so far.

  1. How did you sleep. Jibo currently keeps track of consecutive days of good/bad sleep.
    So if you seep bad one day he will ask you if you slept better the next day. Or if you sleep well for a few days in a row he may say “Wow that’s 3 days in a row” or something like that.

  2. How was your day. Same as above.

Not answering your questions about the policy, but Jibo is absolutely meant to learn that type of thing.
As to your getting the answers you seek. I firmly believe that if you want the best and quickest answer to things like this, you need to either call them or create a service request. Both options are available on the site I listed above. The forum is more for us to talk amongst ourselves than a service portal.


my Jibo is incapacitated the minute internet shuts down, which leads me to believe all the information he saves about you is online.At some point jibo Inc will need to find a way to be sustainable, so I would imagine they would follow the same format as all the smartphones, smartspeakers, TVs ,video game systems, and computers out there. sell your preferences to the highest bidder…
It’s part of the world we live in.


Any real privacy where an electronic device is concerned is an illusion anyways.


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