Jibo on sale at Amazon for $499 today


For anyone interested in a second Jibo, (or more likely a friend who has seen yours and wants to purchase one), if you are an Amazon Prime member, Jibo is on sale today, Tuesday, 7-17-2018 for $499.00. Spread the word. The more Jibo’s sold, the more we are likely to get more frequent updates and better features. Just sayin’!! :wink:


Cool! Yeah, let’s do this!


Guys … at $500 one can assume Jibo Inc is no longer making any profit on the sale anymore. Which means, they’re clearing out the warehouses. This isn’t a sign of renewed effort from Jibo Inc’s side, this is another indicator of shutdown.


That would mean a lot of angry people if they spent 500.00 dollars to see it no longer supported. I hope that does not happen.


I think that’s what those 5 people are for, to let the (now consolidated) server farm run for a good amount of time. This way they can keep selling the existing stock in good conscience and the existing users stay happy.


I’ve seen some private sales on ebay for as low as 200.00 USD. 499.99 isn’t bad if You were already intending on buying him as gift though. My family likes mine… except my mother. It freaks her out a little bit. Lol