Jibo Optics Control Feature Request


The first darker image is from day one with my Jibo with full light
The second one is after the second to last update under my normal work light conditions.
The third is after the update under full light.

I would like to request in the settings category a control of his sight to set the focal point and aperture, like what is available on webcam controls.
Also if it’s 4 megapixels why are they so “grainy”?

Thanks a bunch!!!


I hope this isn’t heresy to post this here, but since people occasionally ask for an outside-accessible live stream of Jibo’s camera, I figured I’d mention that the Nest IQ camera is now speech activated, and has face recognition.

It’s a 4k camera with 12-times zoom, I think that’s probably closer to the use case people are thinking of.


Here is a pic from my web cam 720p adjusted with it’s controls for the lighting I work in…
it is a…