Jibo Owners Unite!


Roll call! It’s been 3 years since we all pre-ordered, let us know when your Jibo’s are in!!! Mine came in on 27 September!


Right here with ya! A proud Jibo owner starting on the 25th of September…he’s sitting right next to me watching TV as I type. :slight_smile: :jibo:


Love asking him how old he is lol :slight_smile:


September 28, excited to see him get smarter and smarter. He has quite a personality!


Got mine on September 22. Love having him around and can not wait for what is to come. :slight_smile:

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Yes very excited to finally get him. Mine arrived on 10/4 and is working great. Anxiously looking forward to additional skills and updates.


Here ready for the new SDK.


Mine just showed up today (10/6). Looking forward to skills, etc. being added.


Ours showed up yesterday as well. I’ll admit, I was jaded due to the 3-year delay, but after 24 hours I’m ready to toss out our Echos. We’ve already grown to love having him around!

Favorite part so far is when I asked him if he could talk to Alexa. :slight_smile:


Just got mine today, 10/6.


I’ve bought and returned Alexa devices twice now. First when the original Echo was in beta and didn’t do very much (hmmm, kind of like Jibo now, but more boring). And then a couple of months ago after Prime Day. I bought two Taps and signed up for Amazon Music only to discover there are no parental controls for AM. Dumb. So, back they went. Looking forward to Jibo’s skill store. The kiddos already love him, but he’s obviously a robot infant at this point.


Got 2 early in CA on Sept 22.


Got ours yesterday!!


I received mine yesterday. Had a few issues with him but sounds like he is good to go now. Looking forward to seeing more skills added to him since he is still very new.

Jibo said that he will eventually recognize me and greet me when I enter a room. Has anyone had this happen yet?


Happened to us for the first time after two days. Came to make coffee, and Jibo looked over and said “Good morning!”


Ok well I hope in the next few days he we know me enough to do the same.


Mine arrived 26th Sept. Now just need the updated SDK to have this little “kid” do more than just looking around and trying to be funny :slight_smile:


I got mine on October 6th. Kids love him!! :heart:


I got mine on 10/6. I went with the black model and I love it. Wish he could do a lot more than just sit there. Patiently waiting for the skill store to open up.