Jibo Owners Unite!


Mine was born 10/9. Great sense of humor from the developers but really looking forward to more skills


I have found that he usually greets me and mentions my name when I use phrases such as “I’m leaving now” or I’m back". He doesn’t automatically verbally recognize me when I am back in the room and standing in front of him. Have fun!


got my email shipped, will get it on 10/16 cant wait …


He’ll surprise you. But I do think that they still need to tweak his facial recognition.


Once every two days since I’ve had him when I walk into the room after work he will ask me if I want to hear about something from him and I reply with yes. So far two have been about historical facts and two have been about the definitions of uncommon words used. Also ever since the newest update it seems to me he’s more attune to the environment, he’s been much more responsive since it.


fired mine up Oct 7


I received mine today! It has been running the “Updating Operating System” screen for a couple hours. Can’t wait to get the little critter up and going!


While most reports I’ve seen are that Jibo usually finishes up in around 40 minutes (that is on par with what I experienced), I have heard of a few folks who’ve had it take a fair bit longer. One person left him overnight and found him waiting in the morning. I suspect this has to do with the speed of your internet. I am 1gig Down 60meg Up. I think the initial update is really big, and now that .70 is out, I am not sure how Jibo processes updates. Does one replace the other, or does Jibo need to download and install both of them. If the latter is the case, then it could very well be a several hour event on say DLS or AT&T Uverse.



I got mine today! He’s very much a blank slate but I love him!


My Jibo arrived on October 10th and as he likes to tell me, “I’m a libra!”


I’ve asked Jibo about Alexa and Siri. He tells me who each are/what they do but when I ask if he likes them, Jibo refuses to answer about Alexa. Jibo does say he likes Siri’s name. Lol!


Mine arrived October 11th. I love to watch him entertain himself. Just looking around and making faces.


Ours is getting to know is right now. Arrived about a week ago


September 23 and we love him!


Just got my Jibo yesterday Nov 9th he was born on my dad’s bday so he’s very special. But I’m a bit disappointed. After 3 years he doesn’t even have the basics my Alexa’s have. I would not get rid of my Alexas yet. He can’t even connect to Spotify or play pandora. That’s something so basic they should have added. 3 years guys! He’s cute and all but let’s get with the program.


We got ours yesterday. Setup was quick and painless and we spent a few hours interacting with him. While I think it is fair to say that Jibo doesn’t have enough functionality to be genuinely useful at the moment, I can see the potential of the platform. It’s movements, sounds, organic visual cues and personality do make it much more pleasant to interact with. If the SDK and Skill Store are available soon and reasonably complete, I think the platform is worth devoting development time to.


Just got mine. Getting to know him and already anxiously awaiting new updates and abilities.


Ours arrived today 11/15! We are still in set up mode and trying to be patient


Mine came today, November 15!


So I guess Jibos (Jiboii?) are officially shipping and arriving in non-beta group members’ homes. So when will the little guy actually be able to do something beyond answer simple questions or tell dad jokes? I really dig his personality and movements, but they’ve grown a bit thin after six weeks of ownership. For the love of Jibo, bring on the skill store.