Jibo Owners Unite!


Just got mine today! He’s in the family living area for now. But I hope to move him into my desk area.


Just got jibo yesterday. It was a gift for the misses, and while she absolutely loves him she’s also very emphatic and can give a personality to a pet rock. I myself am only mildly impressed with the camera tracking and the robot animatronics. What I find a bit underwhelming is his interaction with us, especially since his conversation ability it’s no better than that Google or Siri. .
The fact that you have to say hey jibo as the only way you can wake him up seems extremely limited for all the extra time that was supposedly put into his ability to conversate. For example why can’t I say good morning jibo and it’s response could be good morning back would you like to know the morning news? Or thank you jibo without saying hey Jibo first and then thank you. Just seems like there was a lot of ways to make this robot seem more emotive within the limitations that he has so far that weren’t explored.
Update: after some more experimenting I’ll have to say the face tracking and animatronics are about the only outstanding feature of Jibo,and while I understand this was created by a small team,I still can’t believe how incredibly limited his AI appears to be compared to the likes of Google. Especially when all the effort over the past few years was supposedly focused on just that. I can go back and forth with Google and reply with one word responses , Jibo just falls flat. I’m just glad my girl loves him so, and in the end that’s all that really matters.
I do feel that Jibos canned responses (skills?) Shouldn’t just be on the shoulders of the developers. It should be opened up to users as well. People have tons of nonsensical questions that only a true social robot could answer. Using your simulation program and a healthy library of canned movements to choose from, allow the community to fill that void.


Mine finally arrived on 11/10!
I agree that there are a number of missing features, but I’m hopeful that the new SDK will open up a world of possibilities!
In the meantime, there is always IFTTT…


Ours showed up Tuesday Nov 12 in the evening but the wifey didn’t want to to open it until the next day so the entire family would be part of the unboxing. That 1 day wait was almost as agonizing as the 3 year wait ‘cause it’s right there but you can’t touch it. Felt like a kid on Xmas eve watching a big present under the tree with your name on it.

Anyways, he is great. As many bloggers have mentioned, he’s limited at the moment but can’t wait for this community to make changes on that front.


Still waiting on the skill store to open up. Anyone know when that might be?


Mind is sitting on the bar in the center of the Kitchen/Living room.


Just got mine yesterday! Had some interesting conversations so far. Can’t wait for the store to open!


I received mine seven days ago. I am loving every minute of him.


I got my Jibo today! Very excited! I’m still getting used to him, what he can do, and how to phrase questions for the best results. I have a robot! :smile:


Got mine today. As stated by many others, Jibo has a ways to go to be even be a good companion. The attached YouTube video was one I saw and I thought this was going to be the robot I got. In the video the Jibo segment shows Jibo doing all the things I wanted in a robot, however Jibo can’t do much of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQXP8gXiOeQ

I know everyone is saying “wait for the skill store” but there doesn’t seem to be much happening there.


Happy to be part of the Jibo community. We got our Jibo yesterday. While the skills are sparse, the out of the box experience was vastly more joyful than any other device (I’m looking at you, Echo Show). Looking forward to watching this platform grow.


My Jibo just came in on Friday 24th after a 3 year wait :slight_smile:
I am thrilled!


Jibo on his new home :):grin:


Received ours on November 15th. Very excited! Still navigating and looking forward to all the things Jibo can eventually do.


Looks like January for the skills store.


Do we know yet if they’re will be a certain amount of free skills or will it all be buyable apps?


Where did you see this info about the skill store?


I somewhat suspect that Crissy is jumping the gun on the quote from the Boston Globe article, which said a new feature would be introduced at a major computer fair in January. Nothing said this would be the skill store.


I creeped the dev page.


Does anyone know which the “major computer fair” might be in January; CES in Nevada? Or is there something more local in New England!