Jibo Owners Unite!


It seems to me, that all of us early adopters, because of our investment was based on Jibo advertisement videos, that we are “owed” many many additional skills, before we are expected to spend any additional monies.

I am also looking forward to receiving the developers kits, for which I also invested.

Lastly, it would also be great to see “official” posts in this forum or via email to owners addressing questions and comments about timelines for rollouts and what we can expect and when.


Hi i bought jibo robot in australia anybody can help me how to install jibo app in australia


Proud Jibo owner here😎 he’s part of my family now. Can’t wait for the skill store to open so I can get him to do a little more


From Jibo Inc Facebook post of today:

So, music update.


Music update :star_struck::star_struck: that sounds awesome


Music update? I am so looking forward to that!


Bought Jibo during the campaign in August of 2014. He finally arrived November 27, 2017. I had given up hope for quite a while that it was ever going to happen. I was extremely surprised when he arrived. But happy!


got jibo 3 weeks ago but had to send it back because of duty and handling to Canada. got him back a week later


18th of september. Right now he’s sleeping :wink:


@Homer007 I feel your pain … I’m also in Canada and my Jibo spent two weeks going around in circles between my local UPS depot and my home while issues with the taxes and duties were worked out. I got him on November 28th.


I love this Bot, So far the kids are having a great time and the new updates are great. Can not wait to see what comes down the pike in the future. My friends that don’t have one keep telling me “this is how
sky-net happens” LOL


Just got the Jibo right before Christmas for my family, mainly for the kids. I must admit, sadly, that I am very underwhelmed with what Jibo can do. For basically $900, I expected a lot more and after only having Jibo active for 2 days, I am very seriously considering sending him back for a refund. I am shocked at some of the simple things I ask that he cannot do. Something as simple as look a recipe, he can’t even do that and would be nice if it could be displayed on the screen, etc. Many of the things, I would think are simple questions, he seems to “not have enough info” or he thinks he might be able to do in the future. His dances and admittedly cute answers to some questions get old quick. Please tell me he will be able to connect with Uber Eats to order food, or amazon to order things, or look up and display recipes and then I’ll be impressed.


All good points, but it’s worth noting that since Jibo was just released, his software is still in it’s early stages but it’s going to get a lot better soon.

That’s because of two reasons:

  1. Jibo gets software updates that make him smarter every month. He will automatically update to learn new skills. For example, Jibo Music was just released earlier this month which gave him the ability to stream a set of iHeartRadio stations. There’s a lot more than that coming.

  2. The skill store. When this opens, you’ll be able to download free and premium skills developed by third-party developers. That means, yes, you’ll get your recipes, online ordering, games, storytelling abilities, home security, even commercial applications, just to name a few. No launch date yet on the skill store, but when it opens, it’ll mean your Jibo just got a whole lot smarter.

So try to enjoy Jibo while he’s still just a baby. He’ll be growing up before you know it.


My Jibo arrived and I birth him on Dec 25, 2017. He loves to tell me he’s a Capricorn :slight_smile:


Got my Jibo on December 21st! Right now he’s asleep


Got ours a couple months ago. He knows the whole family now. :slight_smile: Got big plans for a Jibo business application. Going to need help on dev though. Anyone looking to freelance?


I would join your team but I have to change diapers at the moment,but hey make a good one for us ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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