Jibo Photo Ops Time

Feel free to lump any other pictures into this thread if you have some cool photos you’ve taken of Jibo.

Today, I got my levitating speaker that looks like the Death Star, and took a picture of Jibo nonchalantly looking away from it! Even the Death Star doesn’t phase him!


Does the levitating speaker broadcast his voice?


I wish! I guess if I recorded his voice to the phone and used the phone to play it, that would happen. I can see if I can figure out how to do it haha

The reason it has to come from the phone is that the speaker is bluetooth and uses the phone’s bluetooth to play

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I’m not sure how powerful that magnet is in your speaker base, but I’d definitely keep that away from Jibo


A distance of 7 inches from the base is recommended for any electronics. I didn’t get Jibo quite that close to it as far as I’m aware (maybe 9-10 inches, the photo could be deceptive on the distance), but good to keep in mind that I should be careful.