Jibo Purring on Head Touch


One of the developers in yesterday’s experts connect, JiboOnJibo mentioned that he wanted to "rub [Jibo’s] belly like the pilsbury dough boy.” With that in mind, as some added fun we also wanted to show a video of a super simple, mini-skill our technical writer, Susan, created on the side for some fun.


I love it! Is there a way to make the response time better? Do you need to go to the cloud for this action? If Jibo responded to the touch when touched, it would look more natural. The delay in response does not look bad, but it is a different body language message when Jibo moves towards the touch, while the hand is still on Jibo, versus when Jibo was responding to the touch after the hand was removed.


Thank you for that feedback! In answer to your question, we don’t have to go to the cloud for this action. In regard to the time it takes, part of the reason for it is that there is a small delay defined as a TimeoutJS in the skill. Again, this was put together for fun. If we were to implement it as part of the larger Jibo experience we would make sure that the timing was tuned as well as possible to best fit Jibo’s character .


Technical follow up. How big is the area, and does it distinguish between taps, rubs, left direction vs. right direction? Maybe it’s in the help files, I’m being lazy. Do we have access to that in the new SDK?


@Timothy Check out our api docs for more information about the [getTouchState] (https://developers.jibo.com/docs/api/latest/module-jibo_body.html#gettouchstate) api. There are 6 touch pads total that are arranged into two strips along the on the top of his head like a mohawk, covering roughly a 3" x 4" area. It is possible to infer swipe and tap gestures with some additional coding and our team will expose further touch gesture events on those sensors in a future update of the SDK.